Turntables & Vinyl #21 – Colored Vinyl

The typical vinyl is black.  It is a beautiful color and when I see it, I want to drop a needle on it and give it a spin.  It draws me in and all I care about is the music that it holds and it needs to be heard, right now and very loud.  There is nothing better.

Or is there???

Whenever a band seems to put out an album nowadays, they are always putting out colored editions…and sometimes many different colored versions (Ace Frehley, I am talking to you).  And I want them!!!  I don’t go get them, but I want them.

Now, when I find I have a choice between a plain, old, boring black vinyl and a vibrant, elaborate, colored vinyl, I typically pick the colored vinyl.  Why?  Because they are so pretty!!  And different.  Different is good.  It can be exciting and invoke so many emotions and feelings.

Why am I talking about this?

No reason, other than I wanted to show off all the different colored vinyl I have in my collection so far.  Maybe not all, but as many as I can before I tire of putting this post together.

What is the most popular colored vinyl I have in my collection?



Yes, White seems to be the most popular.  Now, most of the white ones I have are actually from the Kiss Bootleg Albums I have.  But I also have a Myles Kennedy, a Monster Truck and a couple of 10″ vinyl from Billy Raffoul and Matt Nathanson.

Red is also a popular color…


I have the STP red, the John Corabi very cool Red & Black Splatter. I have a red bootleg from Kiss as well (or some variation of red) and then the Orange & Red Splatter from the KissWorld Best of album which is cool as well.  There is also a Red & Blue The Who album for The Kids Are Alright album…


Then the rest are all sorts of different colors…


Yes, more Kiss.  One cool yellow & green splatter fluorescent colored, a green translucent and the Ace Silver are all great.

This Generation X Bootleg is Brown and a brownish/orange translucent one are not real pretty…but not why I bought them either.


I have a lot of colored vinyl from particular bands.  The Record Store Day albums are always fun for color including all these Cheap Trick Archive releases…I guess clear is a color??


And my Sixx AM Collection is all colored (yes, missing a couple albums)


My Matt Nathanson releases are all color as well…


And I have a couple of Needtobreathe…


And I am not only in the colored vinyl collection.  My kids seem to have some colored vinyl in their collection as well.

My oldest has several cool colors including a clear rainbow splatter, a couple Ed Sheeran colored vinyl (Orange and Pink) and a couple Billie Eilish.  All very nice.


And my youngest daughter’s Shawn Mendes albums are both color (she noticed she was missing one of his when she brought me these so it looks like we need to do some shopping soon.


I didn’t have as many as I thought I had, but I still have quite a few and this will be a growing collection I am sure.  The colors are fun, but let’s be honest…Black Vinyl is still the best!!!

20 thoughts on “Turntables & Vinyl #21 – Colored Vinyl

  1. Wicked Stuff! That Cheap Trick one is slick well actually all of it is slick! Great stuff. Plus I see the cool white Monster Truck vinyl as well! Some good Can-Con​ in MR. Snows collection.

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  2. I have a few in my pile, just by pure accident.One that comes to mind is a black/white marble Stranglers album. I had an old jazz album givin to me, I think the 50s and it’s colored. A few aren’t obvious but when held to the light it comes through. Mostly a dark purple. Very cool though.


  3. Loads of lovely coloured vinyl there, John! I have a few bits of coloured vinyl… some clear, some white, translucent reds and yellows, but mostly I’ve got black vinyl and, oddly, I choose black if there’s a choice!

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