My Sunday Song – “Blind Faith” by Def Leppard

For My Sunday Song #159, I want to discuss the  song “Blind Faith” off the self-titled album Def Leppard from 2015.  The final song on the album and not a rocker, but not sure it is a ballad either.  The album has helped see a jump in popularity for the band as it is probably the best album they have done in about the last 20 years.  And for me, this song is part of the reason.

“Blind Faith” was written by Rick Savage and Joe Elliott and is a commentary on religion and cult-like faith groups.  I think I connected to it due to his viewpoints are similar to mine.  It is not that he doesn’t believe in God, it is not a knock on religion, it is more that sometimes organized religion is kind of futile.

Joe said this about the song in an interview with Claire Sturgess for Absolute Radio:

“We’ve always touched on the real side of life if you like. Mostly it’s in with relationship stuff but with this it was like just observation of the that humanity can be abused if you like. And I set out writing this thing and I just had this stream of consciousness. It just came pouring out of me but I made a very conscious effort to not be preachy and finger waggy about it. If you actually read the lyrics. And I did say to the guy when he was putting the artwork together. I want a question mark putting at the end because I want everybody to realise. I’m asking a question and I’m not telling you what’s going on. I’m asking is it really what’s going on?. You know. Make your own mind up. So in that – it is poking a little bit but it’s not preaching. I want the listener to make their own mind up as to whether you know what they’re hearing is representative of what they’re thinking as well because it’s certainly what a lot of people think.”


Personally, I have issues with organized religion.   It is organized religion that seems to be the root of a lot of problems in the world.  Look at how many wars have been fought over religion.   I am a Christian, but I have seen so many bad things all because of religion.  I have seen what a cult can do to a family member, I have seen the issues with the sex scandals with the Catholic Church, I have seen the Jim & Tammy Bakkers of the world.  It has tainted me heavily.  Wow, I have completely sidestepped the song and moved on…sorry about that, but now you know why I connect to the song. Let us get back on track.

The song itself is very Beatlesque in sonics and style and purposely done that why.  Heck even Rick Allen was instructed to play like Ringo.  The album also includes the use of a Mellotron which the Beatles used on songs like “Strawberry Fields Forever”.  It is slow in tempo and builds up to the end where Joe goes in to some high notes he hasn’t hit since his days of youth.  There is an acoustic element, a psychedelic element and it works well to capture the essence of the lyrics.

Give the song a listen if you haven’t heard it before and let me know what you think.  I hope you enjoy.  Happy Sunday!

“Blind Faith”
Is it really all a matter of trust
Is it really all a matter of time
Can I read the truth between the lines
Or is this just enough to believe
Can you show me why I need to forgive
Can you tell me I have a reason to live
Are your words enough to heal my wounds
Or are they just enough to deceive
Maybe we need tomorrow
Whatever I need I’ll borrow
Wherever you lead I’ll follow
I’ll follow you down
Did I say enough for dreams to survive
Is my faith enough to keep them alive
Did I pray enough and did you hear
Or were they just enough to get by
Maybe we need tomorrow
Whatever I need I’ll borrow
Wherever you lead I’ll follow
I’ll follow you down
Will you show me where the love begins
Will you wash away all of my sins
Will you say the words I need to hear
They just might be enough to believe
Maybe we need tomorrow
Whatever I need I’ll borrow
Wherever you lead I’ll follow
I’ll follow you down
it doesn’t come around here no more
(Faith over money) but still you’ve come to believe
Is it really all a matter of trust
Is it really all a matter of time
Written by Rick Savage and Joe Elliott

12 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Blind Faith” by Def Leppard

  1. I think there’s a big difference between faith and religion – and I like their approach about asking questions, rather than being ‘finger waggy.’
    Especially in this case, as the idea is to get people to think, rather than just believe blindly. And if they were to come across as preaching concrete solutions to be accepted at face value, that wouldn’t be all that different from what they’re raising concerns about in the first place.
    A thought-provoking post about a thought-provoking song, John!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Your right as this was the best album since Slang.
    This album got stronger as it went on which was the first thing I noticed considering the number of tracks that are on it.
    Great post-John. Digging these deeper tracks, not the same old same old Lep songs that everyone knows.

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