Friday New Releases – August 30th

We are at the end of August and are getting ready for some huge releases that will be coming in September and October.  This week has a ton of releases, but none I am eager to run out and get although one everyone is talking about (but me – well I am talking about it, but I don’t really care).  My choices are limited and highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you are interested in hearing or if I missed anything as that is known to happen…frequently.  Have a great week.

  • 81MUYOosNDL._SS500_.jpg  Sons of Apollo – Live With the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony – (Inside Out Music).  Sons of Apollo are releasing a huge live album/DVD and I expect it will be awesome. How could it not with Jeff Scott Soto on vocals, Mike Portnoy on Drums, Billy Sheehan on Bass, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal on guitar and Derek Sherinian on keyboards.  Their debut was spectacular and this will be nothing short of that.  This will get played a lot!!

  • 71HrT-cjr+L._SS500_  Tool – Fear Inoculum – (Tool Dissectional/Voyage): Here is the album everyone is talking about.  It has been 13 years since their last album and I am not sure if anyone thought they would do another album.  This is going to be huge in the world of music.  So why do I not care one bit.  I have never found them to be anything special so maybe I am missing something. I will listen to see if this finally grabs me, but I am not expecting much as I liked nothing prior.  Can someone please tell me why they are so liked…seriously, let me know.

  • 91Tt3tW0YtL._SS500_.jpg  Sanctus Real – Unstoppable God – (Framework Records):  This release is nothing like the other two.  Sanctus Real is a Christian pop/rock band that I have followed for quite awhile and I welcome any new release.  They have songs that can lift you up when you are down and songs that make you feel good inside and out. Sometimes I need that.  Here is my big concern and that will probably turn me off is the original lead singer, Matt Hammitt, is out.  A new guy is in, Dustin Lolli.  It was Matt and his vocals that drew me to this band, we will see how this goes.

And the rest…

  • A1Vy5WhMltL._SX522_.jpg  Sheryl Crow – Threads – (Big Machine)
  • 41LltCcGknL  Natasha Bedingfield – Roll With Me – (We Are Hear)
  • 81dp5g3JTwL._SS500_  Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell (NFR) – (Polydor/Interscope)
  • 81LOzIf8sPL._SS500_  Elevation Worship – At Midnight E.P. – (Elevation Worship Publishing)
  • 911IuEsTDWL._SS500_.jpg  Big Wreck – …But For the Sun – (Thorn in My Side/Warner)
  • A14WXMpqesL._SX522_.jpg  Common – Let Love – (Loma Vista Recordings)
  • 71yhWoVQ++L._SX522_  Wage War – Pressure – (Fearless Records)
  • 913suiZlY+L._AC_UL115_.jpg  Trisha Yearwood – Every Girl – (Gwendolyn Records)

16 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – August 30th

  1. I preordered Big Wrecks ‘But for the Sun’. They dropped 3 tracks right off the hop. I usually will listen to them quickly as I don’t want to put too much stock into it as I want to hear the album as a whole.
    Having said that the lead single Locomotive is simply put. brilliant! So I see on my iPod the whole album is there as of right now. Check it out John you may like it.

    That S.O.A I can’t get into that Rando on Bass irks me for some reason! haha

    I’m looking forward to Sept 13 with The Cult and Kiefer’s new album.

    Things are looking up!

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    1. I do not know Big Wreck? Canadian band? If you dig them, I might want to check them out.

      S.O.A. – I was listening to it in the car. It is good. Individually, these guys are all spectacular. Together, they are good but not as exciting as say Winery Dogs.

      Yes, the year is about to start picking up.

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      1. Big Wreck is from Toronto. Originally Ian Thornley back in the late 90s met the 3 other BW guys in Boston at Berklee.
        That version of BW imploded in the early2000s
        BW got back together with original guitarist Brain Doherty but he recently passed away so BW is a 3 piece as of right now.
        Thornley is a superb six-stringer/writer and singer.
        Ian was up for the spot in Velvet Revolver years ago but turned it down as they only wanted him to sing and not play the guitar which was crazy but good on him for sticking to his guns.
        He​ and Myles Kennedy are good pals as well

        Check it out…

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          1. I see has pushed The Cult box set on CD back to Oct 18th. Funny enough as the vinyl set still says September 13th.
            Looking like 2 box sets in October now! (Whitesnake being the other)

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              1. Stp I will buy from Itunes!
                The Cult and Whitesnake I want the physical copies of on CD. I’m glad I preordered the Cult as it dropped by 10 bucks to 50 and I noticed today it went back up to 60 bucks!


  2. I love Tool. I’ve watched em live ten times in Australia.

    For me, Tool always builds into awesome climaxes. it might take longer than other bands but it still works. On this album the main tracks are 10 mins plus. And their vocalist Maynard uses his voice as another instrument. If you want catchy words this isn’t the band for you, but word that sound like a riff or guitar solo then …
    anyway great post.

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  3. I don’t wanna say this but I think my Tool days are behind me. I loved Lateralus…but I never played 10,000 Days and eventually sold my copy. I’m willing to listen but I’m in no rush because this album will be eligible for the 2020 Sausagefest countdown. If I know my friends well, every song from this album will get voted in. So that automatically puts a damper on it for me.

    I dunno. Dunno what to think. They’re a brilliant band, but I think my attention has moved elsewhere in the meantime.

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  4. I’m not sure what Tool’s appeal is – perhaps that they’re unlike anyone else? And when you hear a song, it’s unmistakably tool? and there’s the artwork that tends to go with their videos too, so perhaps that’s another layer?

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