December Purchases (& Gifts) – Vinyl (2019)

First off, December is a little light compared to the last two months of purchases  December was a more normal month of purchases mainly because it is the month for Christmas and my Birthday.  For that reason, I have to leave things for people to buy for me as gifts.

The month started out actually on Black Friday and yes, I know that is November. The problem is I couldn’t get these purchases into last months post due to timing issues and Thanksgiving and all.  I am sure you won’t mind.

Record Store Black Friday was on November 29th and I got up bright and early to pick up are few things and I got exactly what I was going for and nothing more…I stuck to the plan for once.

First up is the RSD Exclusive Release of Pearl Jam’s MTV Unplugged and you saw that one already at THIS POST!!!!


Next up seems to be a tradition for me now with Record Store Days.  Go to RSD and pick up a Cheap Trick album and luckily for me I did just that.  First is a live album called ‘Are You Ready? Live 12.31.1979’ and I also picked up a 45″ Single Exclusive release for ‘Gimme Some Truth’.  Both are fantastic and wonderful to add to the collection.


And the last thing I picked up was the main reason I wanted to go. For the first time ever on Vinyl, Matt Nathanson released his 2007 album ‘Some Mad Hope’.  And to make things even better, within days of Black Friday, Matt announced that his management company was moving offices and found a box of Vinyl for the album “Modern Love” that was out of print.  They threw them up on the Matt Nathanson store website and it was first come, first serve as there was a very, very limited number. I got one!!!  Now I have all albums he has that have been released on vinyl…I think!!



And for my Birthday and for Christmas, I did get some gifts that are music related.  First up, from my fabulous in-laws, I received two books.  The first is ‘Start with a Dream: A Drummer’s Journey from Rock & Roll to TV to Broadway” by Joey Cassata.  The second is ‘Take it Off: Kiss Truly Unmasked’ by Greg Prato.  I can’t wait to dive into these.


I also received a T-Shirt from my youngest as she knows I love this band!!


And then I received a CD Player for my Car.  Did you know, new cars don’t come with them anymore?  Crazy, right?  Well, it is one that will plug in to the USB port and sadly, the dang thing didn’t work so it is going back.  Oh well, maybe I just need to have one installed professionally.

Lastly, my wife did something really cool.  She had the Website name printed out in a metal plaque to hang above my office door.  Really cool stuff!! My favorite gift of the day!!


And that was it!!…okay, not really.  There is one more BIG PURCHASE!!!  I am not going to share that with you right now as it is BIG!! HUGE EVEN!!!

It is SO BIG, it is going to be a 15 PART SERIES!!

That series will Start in just a couple days…so GET READY!!!

Here is a picture of all that I got in December…well, almost all


Until the next time…See you in January 2020…man that is hard to believe!!

9 thoughts on “December Purchases (& Gifts) – Vinyl (2019)

  1. Awesome month for you John! Then again you deserve it.
    Nice retro KISS shirt your daughter got you. That is 1977! Unmasked book is a great read. I like that Kulick has a lot to say in it so that makes it pretty legit.
    December was a cool haul for you, John!

    Happy New Year to u and your Family!

    Liked by 1 person

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