Friday New Releases – February 14th

Welcome to Friday and guess what it is Valentine’s Day!!  The worst holiday ever invented.  It puts undo pressure on everyone.  The trick is show the one you love how much they mean to you every day of the year and then this day doesn’t mean shit!!  It is just another.  So blame Hallmark and all the chocolate companies and the florist companies and the restaurants for forcing this upon us.  Wow, I went off on a tangent there.  It is Friday, so that means new music.  Not a whole lot here for me, but hopefully there is enough that you find something for you or the one you love.  My listens are in Blue.  Let me know what you want to hear and what I might have missed from the list because believe it or not…it happens all the time.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!

  • 81I39u50ZjL._SS500_  Hollywood Undead – New Empire, Vol 1 – (BMG Rights):  I am excited for their new album which is now their 6th studio release.  I really enjoy their rap-rock / nu-metal sound and I love the angst as well.  It is usually great to blast driving down the road…so here is warning to you Charlotte Drivers that I might be a little reckless today with this cranked up.

  • 61FWfBkifpL._SX522_  Huey Lewis & the News – Weather – (New Hulex LLC / BMG Rights):  I am really anxious and sad to hear this one.  It could quite possibly be Huey’s last record and he is even unable to perform anymore.  If you haven’t heard, Huey was diagnosed with a disorder of the inner ear called Meniere’s disease.  It brings hearing loss, vertigo, ringing in the ear and a feeling of fullness.  My thoughts and prayers are with him and selfishly I always would like new music from him.

And that is really it for me.  I might dig in to Black Swan, but not real excited about that one.  Oh, and for my kids…they will probably listen to that Bieber one…I know, I try and try to get them to real music, but it doesn’t always work…kids will be kids.

  • 71K8OvCgHLL._AC_UL115_  Black Swan – Shake the World – (Frontier Records)
  • 81WQP5O3QoL._SS500_.jpg  Nathaniel Rateliff – And It’s Still Alright – (Stax Records / Concord)
  • 81lleqz5QXL._SS500_  Justin Bieber – Changes – (Def Jam Recordings)
  • 41RGZVRRVIL  David Gray – White Ladder (20th Anniversary) – (iht Records / AWAL Recordings)
  • download-8  Barry Manilow – Nights Songs II – (Stiletto Entertainment)
  • 613ZlFVu3WL._SS500_  Matthew West – Brand New – (Provident Label Group / Sony)
  • 31uhFv1kSlL  Avalon – Called – (Red Street Records)
  • 91p2iP4nkML._AC_UL115_.jpg  Tame Impala – The Slow Rush – (Island Records)
  • 713CFKxM82L._SS500_  Anvil – Legal at Last – (AFM Records) – Digital Only; CDs & Vinyl next week
  • 81o5bHI6NmL._SX522_  Seven Spires – Emerald Seas – (Frontiers Records)
  • 91dn6xu67XL._AC_UL115_  Hardline – Life Live – (Frontiers Records)

25 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – February 14th

  1. I recently read an article in Esquire about Huey’s sad ear condition. He’ll be turning 70 this year! Yikes! Of all the albums you list, I’m looking forward to the one from Tame Impala. And it’s amazing that Barry Manilow’s still putting out albums, as the only people I can imagine wanting to hear them have all got to be over 60! He lives in Palm Springs not far from where I live, though our paths most definitely never cross.

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  2. John!
    Do you remember that time back in 1992 when Neal Schon found the volume knob on his amp and cranked out a bunch of riff-rock madness on an album called Double Eclipse? Well, I do man so I bought this live Hardline album and even though Schon is long gone Johnny Gioelli the voice remains and still has the pipes vocally.
    Considering the debut album has 5-6 tracks on LIFE LIVE I’m ok with it. lol Sounds pretty decent and the mix is good.
    Dr. Love/Life’s A Bitch/Everything/Rythm from a Red Car is stellar.

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  3. I, umm, bought myself a bunch of LP’s to show me how much I loved me this Valentine’s day. Oops. I’d like to hear the Nathaniel Rateliff one, but slim pickings again for me.

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