Friday New Releases – February 21st

Happy Friday and welcome to another Friday New Releases post.  This week we only have slighty more than a handful with a whole 6 new releases with only 2 I am interested in (highlighted in Blue).  I am sorry there can’t be more, but there probably is that I don’t know about or even care about…not that I care about all of these.  What has been a slow year with releases seems to continue thankfully I do have a couple.  Let me know what interests you or what I may have missed so more people will know about it.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

  • 81bOoSHWYlL._SS500_  H.E.A.T. – H.E.A.T. II – (Sony Music Entertainment) – Digital Release Only (CD/LPs out 2/28):  This Swedish Hard Rock band is back with their sixth studio album.  If you want some solid arena rock with a hint of glam and great fun, then this is the album you should check out this week.  Bring on the guitars and let it rip.

  • 91-osrduSHL._SX522_.jpg  Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man – (Epic Records / Sony):  Ozzy!!!  I’m sorry, but Ozzy is no ordinary man even though the album is trying to fool you in to thinking so.  Hell, I’m not even sure the Price of Darkness is even a man!  But he is Ozzy and that is enough for me to give this a spin.  He has earned that.  I wish Ozzy well in his fight with Parkinson and may he keep on rocking.

And then the rest…like I said, there is not a lot…

  • 81pRGYqjguL._SS500_.jpg  Yacht Rock Revue – Hot Dads in Tight Jeans – (PleaseRock)
  • 91M2pUJRA2L._SS500_  Pat Metheny – From this Place – (Methany Group Production)
  • 914rVKDPsdL._SX522_.jpg  Amity Affliction – Everyone Loves You…Once You Leave Them – (Pure Noise Records)
  • 91HwcrtwueL._SX522_  Demons & Wizards – III – (UK Century Media)

37 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – February 21st

  1. What is that yacht rock thing? Might have to get it for Uncle Meat.

    No Ozzy for me. I have no problem skipping his more corporate albums like Down To Earth. I don’t like his produce and I don’t care for what I’ve heard. Another skip from me.

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