My Sunday Song – “Saints of Los Angeles” by Motley Crue

For My Sunday Song #186, we are exploring the title track to the band’s 2008 album ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ and their last album at this point in time.  The song was the debut single and was the first single released simultaneously as normal single release and a download through the video game Rock Band.  A creative way to make some noise and get their name out there.

The album is loosely based on the band’s book “The Dirt”, I believe we have all heard of that book and Netflix movie.  The song was written by every member of the band…not Motley Crue, but Sixx A.M.. That is Nikki’s other band and they pretty much had their hands in this entire album so really this is a Sixx A.M. album performed by Motley Crue.

The song is a rocker and anthem that celebrates the band coming up in L.A. and being rock & roll kings.  It has references to playing at the Troubadour and all the partying and drugs they did back in the day.  The Gang Vocal version opens with Vince softly speaking the Lord’s Prayer.  And it has Josh Todd (Buckcherry), Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach), James Michael (Sixx A.M.) and Chris Taylor Brown (Los Gatos) on backing vocals.  It comes at you like a fist to the face and all the Motley elements you want in a song including Mick’s guitars and Tommy’s drum sound.  It was a welcome return to a band that needed a hit record.


Give it a listen and let me know what you think.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Sunday!!

“Saints Of Los Angeles”

There’s gonna be a fight
So if you need a place to go
Got a two room slum
A mattress and a gun
And the cops don’t never show

So come right in
Cause everybody sins
Welcome to the scene of the crime
You want it? Believe it
We got it if you need it
The devil is a friend of mine

If you think it’s crazy
You ain’t seen a thing
Just wait until we’re going down in flames

We are…we are the saints
We signed our life away
Doesn’t matter what you think
We’re gonna do it anyway
We are…we are the saints
One day you will confess
And Pray to the saints of Los Angeles.

Redline…trippin’ on a land mine
Sippin’ at the Troubadour
Girl’s passed out naked in the back lounge
Everybody’s gonna score

She’s all jacked up She’s down on her luck
You want it, you need it
The devil’s gonna feed it

Don’t you say it’s crazy
You don’t’ know a thing
Just wait until we’re going down in flames



Give it up give it up
Give it up give it up

Written By Nikki Sixx, James Michael, DJ Ashba & Marti Frederiksen

15 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Saints of Los Angeles” by Motley Crue

  1. I quite like this album and song. Not their best, but it is probably the best Vince Crue album since Feelgood. I think it was what they needed to do — make a good album with Vince one more time.

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