Friday New Releases – March 6th

Welcome to March and the new releases are heating up.  We have a ton this week so there has to be something you like in there, I am sure.  If not, I guarantee nothing!!  There is rock, metal, pop, country, rap, classic rock…what else could you need?  Seriously, what else??  Let me know what I missed and what floats your boat.  For me, the two are highlighted in Blue.  Have a great weekend!!

  • 71DB-YKACJL._AC_UL115_  Harem Scarem – Change the World – (Frontiers Records):  Yes, Harem Scarem are still going strong with a new release.  This is their 16th studio album…wow!!  If you know the band, you know what you are getting.  Solid, melodic rock and only the way they know how.  That is all you want from these guys.  Give it a try.

  • 913OhGTguhL._SX522_  Allen / Olzon – Worlds Apart – (Frontiers Records):  You get Symphony X’s and Adrenaline Mob’s Russel Allen and Nightwish’s Anette Olzon teaming up for an album.  Does it get much better than that?  Probably, but for now, I will give it a try as it is two great voices of metal together.  Deserves a listen.

And that is pretty much it for me, but don’t despair, there are a bunch below to choose from…give them a try.

  • 61fNGFN38WL._SX522_  Lauv – ∼How I’m Feeling∼ – (AWAL Recordings) – My daughters will probably dig this one.
  • 71WRLdkea-L._SS500_  Lauren Alaina – Getting Good E.P. – (19/Mercury Nashville)
  • 61R74DQ1a5L._SS500_  Moby – All Visible Objects – (Little Idiot / Mute Artists)
  • 91VuGxx9YxL._SX522_.jpg  Body Count – Carnivore – (Century Media Records)
  • 81w2kNDWLcL._AC_UL115_  The Game – Born 2 Rap – (Urban / Entertainment One)
  • 81vrpxQqmsL._SX522_.jpg  Silverstein – A Beautiful Place to Drown – (UNFD)
  • 717K4fMfdJL._SX522_  Semblant – Obscura – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71edy08DadL._AC_UL115_  Khymera – Master of Illusions – (Frontiers Records)
  • 81P7iG8RyKL._AC_UL115_  Burning Witches – Dance With the Devil – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 81n5tlmLNPL._AC_UL115_  My Dying Bride – The Ghost of Orion – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 91m9UQ-Zi7L._SS500_  Rory Gallagher – Check Shirt Wizard: Live in ’77 – (UMC)
  • 815e-hpPEeL._AC_UL115_  Blue Oyster Cult – 40th Anniversary Agents of Fortune Live 2016 – (Frontiers Music)
  • 7156-qJd0VL._SS500_  Phantogram – Ceremony – (Republic Records /UMG)
  • 61PamiHQyFL._SX522_  Mandy Moore – Silver Landings – (Verve Forecast / UMG)

27 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – March 6th

  1. Already got the new Harem on the iPod ready 2 go John. Like you say they always deliver and nice to see them get top billing on New Release Friday!

    Just preordered both those Lep live albums from the Vegas and the O2 Arena as well. Lots of Live Leppard coming now as for years they avoided live albums.

    As always thanks for keeping up up to date on new albums!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are welcome. The Lep ones are all ordered, I will be at RSD for the Lep live on there. I will take it.

      The Harem one is great. Listened to it this morning and it made the drive go by quickly!! Just the way I like it!

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  2. There are a surprising number of releases this week from artists I thought had retired long ago. Not sure we needed comebacks from Moby, Bodycount or the Game. But I guess someone must still be interested?


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