Tuesday’s Memes – Papa Roach

Have you ever been in the mall and seen a roach go across the cookie tray at the Great American Cookie booth?  I have and it is gross.  What does that have to do with this post.  Other than a roach, absolutely nothing. I just thought it was gross.  And since I am talking about roaches, let’s do a meme collection on the mack daddy of all the roaches…Papa Roach.  Yes, that joke was bad and all these memes are too so shut the F#@& up and I hope at least these make you laugh.

Last Resort…




and yes this is a repeat of the last one, but I needed a cat post and I liked the other one too…


Now this one is the last resort one…I promise…


and the rest…


Okay, I guess there was one more last resort…sorry I forgot…



Love me some beavis & butthead…


And that is all…I hope you enjoyed them.  Have a great rest of week.



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