Friday New Releases – April 17th

The times are crazy and all we have to look forward to is either President Trumps daily Covid 19 updates or music new releases.  For me, it is the music new releases otherwise I would be writing about Trump.  This week though, there is nothing for me I am really interested in.  There are a handful of releases as a lot of artist have been delaying their releases for some reason.  I hope there is something in here for you. Stay Safe!! And have a great weekend.

  • 91ooEsRXzLL._SX522_  Soul Asylum – Hurry Up and Wait – (Blue Elan Records)

  • 81xJMd6Wc9L._SS500_  Incubus – Trust Fall (Side B) E.P. – (Incubus)

  • 618W72J7M7L._SL1200_  EOB – Earth – (Capitol Records)

  • 81MLw275zPL._SS500_  The Black Dahlia Murder – Veminous – (Metal Blade Records)

  • 81FiLlq2opL._SX522_  The White Buffalo – On the Widow’s Walk – (Snakefarm Records): Digital now, CD in May

  • 61ztqAlDQkL._SS500_  Caleb Henry – California Mistake – (Caleb Henry)

  • 81gP2WRmy2L._SX522_  Howling Hex – Knuckleball Express – (Fat Possum)

  • 71akRRHrb0L._SS500_  Tech N9ne – Enterfear – (Strange Music)

24 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – April 17th

    1. Fiona Apple? I had no idea she had one coming out as I would’ve added her.

      And yes, you are lucky to have a compassionate leader and that is all I will say about that because the anything more will get me in trouble.

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        1. Yep, And I’m okay with that. Actually, I don’t care too much about the London show as I have Hysteria played in full, but that Vegas show has so many deep cuts. And let’s not get me started on how great the live show from The Early Years box set was.

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