Friday New Releases – May 29th

FINALLY!!  A Massive Week of new releases.  I mean this is the biggest week since this whole Corona outbreak started and thank goodness.  We need this!!  There a lot on my list this week…a whole lot.  They are highlighted in Blue as usual.  What interests you, what did I miss, what what what???  Please let me know.  I hope you have a great weekend and you know what I’ll be doing!!!  Thanks for stopping by.

  • 81Pgg8+JYdL._SS500_  Def Leppard – Hits Vegas (Live) – (Bludgeon Riffola Ltd):  Def Leppard has two out this week…that is right…TWO!!  You can also get it as one BluRay or DVD set that has both albums on CD and in Video format which I have the BluRay version coming to me.  This is the disc I am more excited about, the Vegas Residency Show as they tend to play a lot of DEEP DEEP CUTS and that is what the collector in me wants.

  • 81l398mT5qL._SS500_  Def Leppard – Hysteria at the O2 (Live) – Bludgeon Riffola Ltd):  Release #2 is for the London gig where they played the Hysteria album in its entirety which I already have from the Viva! Hysteria Vegas show years back, but the completist in me has to have this one too.

  • A1VCvFONUkL._SX522_  Lady Gaga – Chromatica – (Interscope Records):  Lady Gaga finally releases her long awaited follow-up to Joanne which was sensational.  Covid-19 delayed this a bit, but now its time to see the light of day as the world starts to creep back to life as most stay at home orders are starting to be released.  I have liked what I have heard so far, but her albums tend to be so varied I can’t wait to see what she has in store.

  • 916-9hMQKeL._AC_UL115_  Rush – Permanent Waves (40th Anniversary) – (Mercury Records):  The 40th Anniversary Edition of the Permanent Waves.  What more needs to be said..Rush!! check…Permanent Waves album! check…Perfect!  Check!!  Now “check” out the unboxing video below to see all that you get.

  • 71aZRcJnNqL._SS500_  Vandenberg – 2020 – (Mascot Label Group):  Adrian Vandenberg has brought his old band back to life and you know what, I am excited to see what he has in store.  I am hoping for more guitar solos than what we get from Moonkings, and from what I have heard, we should be getting just that.

  • 81Y5cb2PFwL._SX522_  Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut – (Napalm Records):  Okay, don’t judge me.  I just want to hear this one at least once as who doesn’t like a metal band that thinks that they are pirates!! I mean…come on!!!

And everything else…enjoy!!!

  • 81q5kuIINwL._SS500_  Jimmy Buffett – Life on the Flip Side – (Mailboat Records)

  • 61XlM6mntGL._SX522_  Prince – Up All Nite With Prince: The One Nite Alone Collection – (SMG)
  • 81U4OmXJKML._SS500_  Deathbreaker – Isolate – (Facedown Records)

  • 81yNzWvVSNL._SX522_  Bleed From Within – Fracture – (Century Media)

  • 81jYORt4y6L._SX522_  Grave Digger – Fields of Blood – (Napalm Records)

  • 91gD6dQFdOL._SS500_  Palace Royale – The Bastards – (Sumerian Records) – Digital Only; CD on July 10th

  • 61g11+m6Q9L._SS500_  The Shadowboxers – The Slow March of Time Flies – (The Shadowboxers)

  • 71BfqX+H42L._SX522_  Teddy Thompson – Heartbreaker Please – (Chalky Sounds)

  • 81CDLsfElHL._SS500_  Diplo – Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley, Chapter 1 Snake Oil – (Mad Decent / Columbia)
  • 81pMK3zpGdL._SX522_  Kip Moore – Wild World – (MCA Nashville)

16 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – May 29th

  1. Today is a great release day. I see both Leps and RUSH sitting in my inbox. Going to be a good day as I’m off work as well!
    I’m still on the fence in regards with Vandenberg though.

    Liked by 1 person

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