Friday New Releases – June 12th, 2020

Welcome to Friday…you made it!  Another week in the books and for your reward, here are a bunch of new releases for your listening pleasure. It is Frontier Records monthly release so there are at least 5 from that label alone.  You get a lot of rock this week and even a little Norah and who doesn’t want that.  My choices are highlighted in Blue. Let me know what you are looking forward to hearing and what I may have missed.  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!!

  • 91HPCtbfckL._SX522_  House of Lords – New World…New Eyes – (Frontiers Records):  I have been following House of Lords since their debut in 1988 thanks to Gene Simmons.  Gene produced their first album and now here we are 32 years and 12 albums later and they are still going strong.  Can’t wait to see what they have to offer…

  • 91KRsjJRpAL._SS500_  BPMD – American Made – (Napalm Records):  A heavy metal supergroup featuring from Overkill vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, Vio-lence and former Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel, and two members of Metal Allegiance–bassist Mark Menghi and drummer Mike Portnoy.  Dang, not bad.  Portnoy has to be the busiest man in music history.  The number of albums and bands he is in is absolutely insane. The man can’t sit still.

  • 91EPTpiaX8L._SX522_  Norah Jones – Pick Me Up Off the Floor – (Blue Note Records / Capitol):  Oh Norah!!  What a voice!  She is such a force to be reckoned with.  The woman couldn’t hit a bad note if she tried.  With so much rock this week, I can’t wait to tackle this for a change of pace and something to take me to whole different world.

And all the rest…

  • 81cXBQMm+pL._SX522_  Vega – Grit Your Teeth – (Frontiers Records)

  • 91x1JHHnt1L._SX522_  Electric Mob – Discharge – (Frontiers Records)

  • 71mMmtI6KYL._SX522_  Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall – We Are the Night – (Frontiers Records)

  • A1KzyntxeJL._SX522_  Peter Gabriel – PG – (Real World Productions)

  • 81PmlbOx8LL._SX522_  Blue Oyster Cult – iHeart Radio Theater NYC 2012 – (Frontiers Records)

  • 81YoXmHvHZL._SX522_  Aversions Crown – Hell Will Come For Us All – (Nuclear Blast)

  • 81X-atJXxbL._SS500_  Larkin Poe – Self Made Man – (Tricki-Woo Records)

  • 710UxUtzyJL._SX522_  Boney James – SOLID – (Concord Records)

17 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – June 12th, 2020

  1. I had no idea House of Lords even made it out of 1988! lol
    I had to watch the BOC clip. They still sound decent. Look like a bunch of geezers jamming in a man cave now…

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    1. I don’t know what a Larkin Poe is. I just saw them high on the release list so I included them in mine. Glad you like them. I’m listening to the BPMD now and they are just blasting out the covers. Hard, heavy and fast…I kinda like it.

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      1. Haha, Larkin Poe’s worth a listen if you enjoy blues/roots. Their originals are stunning and they do great covers on Youtube too. As for BPMD, I agree 100%. Some serious headbanging is in order!! 😉

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  2. As usual I will check out the Frontiers releases and I’m interested to hear BPMD because Phil D is one hell of a guitarist who should be noted as a guitar hero. Plus as a Theater fan and Portnoy will forever be associated with DT.

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