July 2020 Purchases – Vinyl & CD

Another month gone by and a lot more purchases.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but my CD purchases have skyrocketed over the last few months.  I have been to a bunch of shops that have CDs and have them cheap so I can’t help myself.  However, this first batch of CDs is not from a shop. They are mostly from Amazon as my kids gave me an Amazon gift card for Father’s Day as they weren’t sure what I didn’t have (which is a valid point).  So with these cards I continued my Jeff Scott Soto Collection and picked up 6 more discs (okay, one was from ebay).

I picked up Jeff Scott Soto – “Essential Ballads”; Soul Sirkus – “World Play”, W.E.T. – “W.E.T.” and “Earthrage”, SOTO – “Orgami” which is the last of the SOTO collection, and Talisman – “Talisman”.  This brings me up to over 20+ now in the JSS collection and still about 20+ more to go.


Next up, my wife wanted to run back to 2nd & Charles as she needed  some books and I of course wanted to tag along as they have a great used CD collection and I always find something interesting and this time was no different.  I picked up a Bootleg Robbie Williams 2 CD compilation from Japan.  It is called Sexed Up and it has been outlawed for sale by Discogs, but I saw one an eBay for about $30+.  I payed about $3.  It is an HDCD, whatever that means.


But that wasn’t the only thing I bought from there as they had a sale where you buy 2, get one free.  I picked up 8 more discs including 2 more Robbie Williams CDs, 3 Oasis CDs, Ozzy’s Just Say Ozzy E.P., Candlebox’s “Lucy” and Jude Cole’s “I Don’t Know Why I Act This Way”.  Not a bad haul.


And on the way home, my wife saw Noble Records and asked if I wanted to stop in, and of course I said yes.  She is so awesome!!  I did a little damage there as well. I picked up 2 more CDs – Cheap Trick’s “At Budokon: The Complete Concert” CD set and Thriving Ivory’s “Through Yourself & Back Again”.


I did get vinyl while I was there as well. I picked up Deep Purple’s ‘Machine Head’ and ZZ Top’s “La Futura” because I saw the documentary on Netflix and needed this album as I didn’t have it as I’m now on a ZZ Top kick.


The next thing that was purchased was neither vinyl nor CD.  I have started my new obsession, Kiss Tour Books and first up is this one…not going to talk about it as I already have a post coming in August going in full detail…


And that is it…until next month

18 thoughts on “July 2020 Purchases – Vinyl & CD

  1. Great Scores Indeed!
    La Futura is an excellent ZZ album and your Jeff Scott Soto collection just keeps ongoing. I think you should change your name to John Scott Soto! JSS sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Great stuff as always dude. Special bonus points for Be Here Now by Oasis. Thats a great record as well.

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    1. Thanks. I think I’ll keep my name for now as I would need to change the monograms on all my towels and underwear. And I didn’t realize I was getting pints for my purchases. Nice.

      And next month I believe it will be vinyl heavy month as I’ve bought a few already on my vacation plus all the ones on preorder that are coming during August.

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  2. Man, I hear you on the CDs. They are so cheap now! And eBay is OK if you can find a deal. I picked up two CDs from my teen years for $1.20. I had to pay $10 shipping, but shipping in Canada is insane. So many albums from the ’90s only got a limited pressing on vinyl and they are so expensive now. Actually, all vinyl has become crazy expensive now.

    I do still need to get that ZZ Top album. It’s 8 years old already!


  3. NICE Oasis scores. That brings a smile to my face. You got two great albums and one that I don’t have any impressions of. Be Here Now takes TIME. Took me at least 5 years to like it.

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