Kiss – Alive / Worldwide Tour (1997) – Tour Book

In my quest to get all the Kiss Tour Books in my collection, I have now come to my fourth in the Tour Book Series.  This is one of two that came from the Kiss Alive / Worldwide Tour from 1996-1997.  This is the 1997 Tour Book that includes the Giant 1997 Poster Calendar as the earlier Tour Book with the black cover did not.  I have that book as well and will get to it once I finally have it in my possession as it is currently being held by my brother in Atlanta until I come down to visit as I am too cheap to pay for the shipping. Plus, it gives me another excuse to get back home to see the family.

This book I bought on eBay and it has a pretty interesting story on the shipping. Okay, it is interesting to me.  I bought the book at a great price at only $10 and paid $5 for shipping.  Sadly, the post office didn’t deliver it, instead I got notice that there was still postage due of $7.42.  What the F@$K????  I paid for shipping.  Well, it turns out the U.S. Postal Service did an inspection, opened it and found out it doesn’t qualify for Media Mail which is the cheaper mailing service used for books, CDs, etc…  I thought that this certainly qualifies and apparently so did the seller.

It turns out because this Tour Book had a calendar and advertising in it that is doesn’t qualify.  Again What the F@$K???  The advertising, btw, was the band members advertising their guitars and the merch page.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was extremely pissed that I had to take time out of my day and go pick this up and pay extra. I reached out to the seller to voice my displeasure and he quickly refunded the extra shipping cost. That was very much appreciated.

Now on to the Tour Book.  As we normally do, I will show you every page of the book in the order of the book so you can see what you missed from 1997.  This particular Tour Book was a replica of the European Tour Book and finally available to US Tour goers during the 1997 leg of the Tour.

To kick it off, the typical band pictures…




That was a lot of pages for the band as normally I don’t see that many. Usually at this time you would start getting individual band member pages and no different here.  First up is Paul Stanley…

Then we get Ace Frehley and to note, this is my first one that actually has the original four members in the band so that is real exciting for me…

And now up is the centerfold!!  Don’t get too excited because it is just Kiss, no naked ladies here, sadly!!

In this edition of the Tour Book the centerfold is actually interrupted with the 1998 Full Calendar of the band.  It is folded up so you can see all of it, so I pieced it together best I could…and it turned out okay with 3 different pictures…

After that distraction, it is back to the band members and the Demon himself, Gene Simmons…

And now the last band member, Peter Criss.  There is actually an error on Peter’s.  If you notice everyone else’s pages, the color strip has the band member name.  One page has it on the right, the other page on the left.  Peter’s name is missing on the 2nd page on the left.  It is just the all green strip…Cool!!

And that is for the individual band members, it is time for more band and action pictures…



Then we come to part of the problem with the shipping…the advertising.  Thanks to Ace, Gene and Paul, I’m out a few more bucks…but not your fault Peter as no page for you…

And then we get the Merch page..

And that is not all, we get an ad for the Kisstory book as well and then the final Tour Credits for all the hard working men & women responsible for bringing the Tour to a city near you…

And last but certainly not least, the back cover which has the band’s autograph’s as well.  Don’t get too excited again, these are printed and not truly autographed specifically for me (or the guy I bought it from)…


And there you have another wonderful and quite stunning Kiss Tour Book.  There will be more to come hopefully sooner rather than later, but I am starting to get all the cheaper and as they get more expensive with the harder ones to find, it might be awhile before I get to those.  Thanks for hanging out, I hope you enjoyed.

20 thoughts on “Kiss – Alive / Worldwide Tour (1997) – Tour Book

  1. Man that sucks when you think you’re paying for one thing and the cost keeps going up. Isn’t a magazine media? Still though this looks awesome when it was the original KISS and for a short time looked content with each other! lol

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      1. Most of the stuff I get from the US like Deluxe Editions Box sets get opened when they arrive in Australia. Because even though the package states CDs etc the people manning the scanners look at it and go, jeez this is a pretty big box for CDs and it looks like it’s got other stuff here that don’t fit the format so the lets open it up. All of my Coheed and Cambria box sets have been opened.

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  2. Good review! I attended 4 shows on the original reunion tour, but didn’t realize at the time that they updated the tourbook for 1997. When I look back at pics from that tour nowadays, I’m always struck by how SKINNY Ace was that tour, and how he had let himself go by “Psycho Circus”… It’s so noticeable!

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