Def Leppard – ‘X: World Tour (2003)’ – Tour Book

On July 30, 2002, Def Leppard released their album ‘X’. Which is either “X” or “Ten” depending on what you want to call it. It was the band’s 8th Studio album, but 10th album released to date. It saw the band take a lighter side to their rock and had some people calling it “The Love Album”. It went to #11 on the charts and spawned 3 singles, but failed to ever garner Gold or Platinum status.

The Tour started in June of 2002 and went until November 2003 where the band performed 163 shows which is quite impressive for an album that didn’t do that well. It was the last really BIG tour the band has ever done. Since that time, the longest a tour has lasted was around 100 shows. My Tour Book is from the 2003 leg of the Tour

Since this was 2003, it was not a good year for me to see shows since my wife and I had our first child that year. There was no way I was getting out to see a show as the schedule was too hectic. I hate I missed it, but I survived. Since I have no ticket stub to show you this time around, let’s get right to the book.

And the band doesn’t waste anytime getting to the individual page spreads of each band member. It kicks off almost immediately with Rick Savage…

Then straight in to Phil Collen…

Mr. Joe Elliott is up next…

Vivian Campbell gets his own page…

And last, but certainly not least…the Thunder God…Rick Allen…

And then we get tons and tons of band and live shots…

And that leaves us the Merch Page and the Road Crew Thank You page as normal…

And of course, we get the back cover…

And that is the end…for now. Out of the 3, this one is my least favorite, but I do like this album probably more than Adrenalize but nowhere close to Hysteria. I don’t think this layout and the pictures were as well done as the others and the font with the band names was rather lame. But, I still love having this piece of band history. Thanks again for hanging around.

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39 thoughts on “Def Leppard – ‘X: World Tour (2003)’ – Tour Book

        1. Mike and I completely disagree on those two albums. I don’t mind the pop sound. I think Sparkly has a couple good songs, but mostly shite! The Tim McGraw song is an abomination. The whole thing feels disjointed and unfocused to me.


  1. Nice book. I was out of tune with them around 2003, not sure I’ve ever heard all of X. I guess for them it doesn’t much matter if they miss with an album, they still have the catalog to tour forever.

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  2. Man that’s awesome! You’d think though, with all the money they made, they could buy Phil Collen a couple of shirts lol. We just had a copy of X go through at work. I anticipate it’ll sell through quickly.

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  3. X is definitely underrated, even though is one of my least loved albums of def leppard, I still think that it should be more rates. I don’t like Songs From The Sparkle Lounge and Euphoria. I’ve got a bad new, I arrived at the limit of the 10000 downloadable songs in spotify and I’m really sad, so i’m listening to music in streaming.

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  4. Out of the three Def Leppard tour books you’ve showed, this is my least favorite because everything about the book looks very dated from the photographs to the word fonts. The ‘Hysteria’ tour book is my favorite so far because it features a description about the history of the band and it’s not just pictures. Plus, it was unique that the band featured photos of their road crew in the book. Thanks for the review, John!

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