Rush – Roll The Bones Tour 1991-1992 – Tour Program

If you read this blog regularly, you would notice that I started collecting Kiss Tour Books and this is a very recent thing. As a result, I have suddenly had numerous Tour Books fall in to my lap almost literally. First were a couple of Bon Jovi Tour Books and now I stumbled across not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 Rush Tour Books. It is like the Tour Book Gods are speaking to me. I grabbed all 4 as the prices were really great and made it worth owning. This here is the first of the 4 Rush Tour Book posts that coming. The place I found these was Hardy Boy Records in Mint Hill, NC. I always seem to find some cool stuff from him as I have found numerous Kiss Bootlegs at his shop. His shop is quickly becoming my favorite place to go.

Last week we covered the tour book for the album ‘Power Windows’. This time we are going through the tour book for the Roll The Bones Tour which ran from October 1991 to June 1992 and covered over 100 dates all across the Globe. And the setlist was pretty impressive…


“Force Ten”
“Freewill” (abbreviated)
“Distant Early Warning”
“Time Stand Still”
“Roll The Bones”
“Show Don’t Tell”
“The Big Money”
“Ghost Of A Chance” (added early in the tour)
“Subdivisions” (dropped on May 27th, 1991 and replaced by “Vital Signs” around May 29th, 1992.)
“The Pass” (dropped on May 27th, 1991 and replaced by “The Analog Kid” around May 29th, 1992.)
“The Tree”s (added on May 27th, 1992)
“Where’s My Thing?”
“The Rhythm Method” (Drum Solo)
“Closer To The Heart”
“Xanadu” (abbreviated)
“Tom Sawyer”


“The Spirit Of Radio”
Medley: “2112” (Overture)/”Finding My Way”/”La Villa Strangiato”/”Anthem”/”Red Barchetta”/”The Spirit Of Radio” (reprise)
“Cygnus X-1: Book I: The Voyage” (teaser introduction, added around April 29th, 1992.)

One thing for sure is, you don’t ever get a dull set list from Rush. That encore looks fantastic, I wish I would’ve seen this tour, but I did not. Now let us get to the tour book. One thing with this one, it is not as plain and simple as the previous Tour Book we reviewed, but it still isn’t setting the world on fire. Like the last book it starts with a 3 page essay by Neal Peart as he does have a way with words…and drums…

Then we get a page of Tour Credits (which is early in my book as usually that would be at the end). And after that is a set of very Artistic Photographs of each band member. This is a nice touch to the typical tour book picture…

And now it is time for random band pictures…and look at the tiny drum set!!

And then to the centerfold…

A few more random band pictures…

And now it is the time in our program for the individual band member pictures with some commentary from each as well…great stuff…

And one last set of tour pictures along with the list of albums released to date…

Which brings us to the end of the program with the exception of the back cover…

And that is all for this Tour Book. I hope you enjoyed. Next week will have the Tour Book for the 1994 Tour for CounterParts Tour. We hope to see you back for that one!!

18 thoughts on “Rush – Roll The Bones Tour 1991-1992 – Tour Program

  1. I never cared for Rush until my hubby played Time Stand Still for me. Then when I started bass lessons two years ago, it was one of the first songs I suggested to my teacher. It’s a blast to play on bass. I’m nowhere near Geddy’s level, but it’s sure fun to try.

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