Friday New Releases – January 29,2021

We are already to the end of January which is hard to believe one month is already over. To end the month we have a long, long list of new music releases so I am hoping there is something in there for you. I am not really excited about much at all. I might give a couple things a listen just because so I will highlight those in Blue. Let me know what you are excited to hear, surprised to hear about it or maybe even what releases I may have missed. We want to know all the releases worth mentioning. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

  • 81dhfE+cZwL._SX522_  The Michael Schenker Group – Immortal – (Nuclear Blast): Michael is celebrating 50 years in the business and this releases brings us some very cool guests including Joe Lynn Turner, Ronnie Romero and keyboardist Derek Sherinian to just name a few. Some pretty cool guest so I will give it a try especially since I dig Joe’s and Ronnie’s vocals.
  • 711j+e3g05L._SX522_  Accept – Too Mean To Die – (Nuclear Blast): Okay, I am not a huge fan of these guys, but I know some people that are and are probably excited about this release. The only thing I really know by them is “Balls to the Wall” so as you know that is a song from the 80’s so not up on the band. However, I will see what the fuss is about at least.

And here is all the rest…

  • 61-5MDaxnrL._SX522_  Steven Wilson – The Future Bites – (Arts & Crafts Productions)
  • 811mqAKFeTL._SS500_  Lucero – When You Found Me – (Liberty & Lament / Thirty Tigers)
  • 71C7b3gkjmL._SS500_  Soen – Imperial – (Silver Lining)
  • 81YkGVCBDML._SS500_  Tribulation – Where the Gloom Becomes Sound – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 817mBNDqe8L._SX522_  The Dead South – Served Live – (Six Shooter Records)
  • 81T371h8M7L._SX522_  Black Pistol Fire – Look Alive – (Round Hill Music)
  • 51qTm4ERl3L  Langhorne Slim – Strawberry Mansion – (Dualtone Music)
  • 81CZ3DrJVVL._SS500_  SOJA – The Covers E.P. – (ATO Records)
  • A19IOLnFeAL._SS500_  Annisokay – Aurora – (Arising Empire)
  • 81Vz4N1YvBL._SX522_  Ani DiFranco – Revolutionary Love – (Righteous Babe Records)
  • 81lQzL+bpFL._SS500_  Sam Skinner – Impression – (Sam Skinner / Flexible Distribution)
  • 81XNaOAsR5L._SX522_  Martin Gore – The Third Chimpanzee E.P. – (Grabbing Hands Music)
  • 91TIw8sPSPL._SX522_  Will Downing – The Song Garden – (Will Downing)
  • 81a3HkUcW0L._SS500_  Arlo Parks – Collapsed in Sunbeams – (Transgressive Records)
  • 71zjh1vDK4L._SX522_  Emmet Cohen – Future Stride – (Mack Avenue)
  • 71xQ3B8KOyL._SS500_  Joel Vaughn – Louder Than The Lies – (Dream Records)
  • A1XyvZN8j-L._SX522_  Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – I Told You So – (Colemine Records)
  • 81EQOP63lVL._SX522_  Pantokrator – Marching Out of Babylon – (Nordic Mission)
  • 81fKiN5SbuL._SX522_  Goat Girl – On All Fours – (Rough Trade Us)
  • 71Oj+dzcAbL._SX522_  Richard Elliot – Authentic Life – (Shanachie Ent.)
  • A1ZhXoAbgeL._SS500_  Treaty Oak Revival – No Vacancy – (TOR Records)
  • 71tqGAjgtdL._SX522_  Selwyn Birchwood – Living in a Burning House – (Alligator Records)

48 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – January 29,2021

      1. And I thank you for that! I will say this though, I’ve been watching a lot of Sea of Tranquility videos recently where they were talking about album covers, and compared to the album covers now and back then, the ones now are more computer generated. Not as vintage!

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  1. I’ll give the Schenker one a listen but I’m not big on revolving door vocalists on records. We shall see and Accept I will give a spin too as well since it was a pretty huge discussed topic when we had Martin Popoff on…

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    1. That is kind of why I’m listening to Accept as well. You guys talked a lot about them. And since now I know their newer stuff all sounds the same, that I will have heard all of their recent albums by only listening to this new one.

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      1. Absolutely. It’s that damn ‘given unlimited funds’ thing. I’d be all over it. And those damn Grammarly ads before every track on YT break my brain. I wouldn’t pay for their service now even if I actually needed it.

        Liked by 1 person

              1. Oh yeah man, that’s step one. Lots of free ones out there to try. I’m on Safari (Mac) and Ghostery Lite has been working for all but the pre-video ads. I tried several others, some don’t work at all, some are known-enough that sites counter-block them and don’t work at all until you turn them off. It’s a bunch of install-uninstall, but hopefully you’ll find one that works for you!


                    1. I hope that’s not what she said! haha I’d have to talk to James, though he likely wouldn’t care. We haven’t even ever made it a dot com, just left it on the free WP site. Does that affect anything?

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                    2. I typed heard…too early on Saturday. I better go spell check the two posts I wrote this morning. If you are on the free site, then you can’t put ads I don’t think.


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