February 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Welcome to the February wrap-up of my album purchases for the month. I have to say Vinyl took a pretty big backseat this month as I have been going gangbusters buying back my CD collection that I once had. I decided to add more to the Paul Laine collection and start on the Will Hoge collection. I only hit one record store and it was a quick stop in to one out of town. It has been awhile since I’ve been to a local shop and oh how I’ve missed going . That means March better get some visits before I start going through withdrawal and getting the shakes and a fever.

First up, do you know when you are having a little downer of a day? When I have those, I tend to shop for music (man, I must be down a lot…I’m not). But some days when I am, I just feel better buying something and that is what I did. I ended up buying a very hard to find Paul Laine album from his band Shugaazer called ‘Shift’. This one I found in England and man did it ship fast. I think I got it in 5/6 days.

Next up, I was getting close to the Gene Simmons album Asshole in my Kiss Review Series, but honestly, I had never bought it. So, I did for like $5-6 bucks. That review will be coming up in either late April or early May, don’t know yet.

Then I got some Amazon gift cards from MyPoints.com and so I decided to start my Will Hoge CD collection back up and so I bought my two favorites…Blackbird On A Lonely Wire and Tiny Little Movies…

And if that wasn’t enough, My ad check came for the site and so I bought the rest of his collection. I am not listing, but here they are…and one didn’t show in time for this post so it will be in March’s update.

Now, Cheap Trick have a new album coming out and when I pre-ordered it, I realized I never bought their last one on vinyl called ‘We’re All Alright’. It was only $16 new, so I bought it. The only vinyl that I bought this month that actually made it in before the time of this post. My Whitesnake album, ‘The Blues Album’, didn’t make it in time.

And lastly, there was finally a stop in a record store while my daughter and I were out touring a college for her. I made it quick and only stayed about 15-20 minutes but I was successful as I found a used AC/DC album I was missing…Stiff Upper Lip!! It isn’t an original pressing as it is a re-issue, but I’ll take it.

And that was everything this month. Still a pretty decent haul and it is time to hit some local shops in March since I didn’t get to in February. I hope everyone has a great month of finding new music. See you in March for the next update. Here is everything all at once if the above pictures weren’t enough…

45 thoughts on “February 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

    1. That AC/DC was a nice find. And not too expensive. Yes, The Gene solo album will be an interesting review when I write in a couple weeks. I have spent a lot of time with that album in demo form on the Vault so now get to tackle it in final form. And yes, that advice on searching that one is very helpful to know. I can only imagine how bad that would be.

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      1. wasn’t that Gene album ripped to bits on reviews at the time? Nice Will Hoge collection. Cannot find him over here at all. I like the Cheap Trick one, have it on cd.


  1. I’m seeing more and more people getting back into CDs lately. It is proving to me that the cost of vinyl is to damn high!
    Nice addition to the AC/DC catalogue! I’m hoping for one day to find a copy that is less than 30 moose bucks. $16 Cheap Trick ain’t bad at all!

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    1. Mine was $18 I believe and in mint shape. My CDs method is if a majority of the artists catalog is vinyl, I buy vinyl. If it is mostly CD, I go that right. At lot of the early 2000 artists, CD is all they had. Will’s is mostly a CD catalog except for recent releases, so the choice was easy to go the CD route and YES!! A hell of a lot cheaper.

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  2. How is that Cheap Trick album? Probably a stupid question…I like all of their albums I’ve heard except when they dipped too far in the 80s for a short period.

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    1. The Ad check is supposed to go to pay for the site, but that is no fun so I use it to buy music. I was already forking out the bucks for the site before the ads, so no different really.

      And we’re glad you Aaron because Down is not much fun. Even though he does buy a lot of music so he ain’t all bad.


      1. Generating income from the site is a neat idea. But we’ve been on the free site since 2006 and never set up anything like that.

        Yeah, I buy musics, but I don’t really have any other vices. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, I don’t chase women, I drive a 13 year old station wagon… I don’t even have cable TV… yeah, I’m gonna buy a record now and again! 😉

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        1. My wife says that she is fine with my music buying because no drinking, no smoking, no drugs and no womanizing by me either. I drove an 11 year old car, but sold it and treated myself to a new car a couple years ago when I turned 50. I felt I deserved it!! LOL!!


          1. Exactly! Yet somehow I still got eye rolls when I came home from Taranna with a stack of albums lol. We’ll have to replace my car this year, probably, but that’ll be necessity not so much deserving it. 50’s still a couple of years off, but I’m definitely on the sunny side of it. Me, I want a Telecaster from my birth year (I posted about this quest in a series). Now THAT I could feel I deserve! 🙂

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            1. You would deserve the Telecaster, no doubt!! Funny thing, my daughter and I toured a university this past weekend and my wife texted my daughter joking that I would find a record store while we were down there, little did my wife know, we had just left one I found. She knows me too well.


              1. They KNOW, and they still put up with us. We are fortunate men!

                That Tele won’t be cheap, probably. I saw one in Toronto at $5000. Hard to justify when I haven’t worked in almost a year and no end in sight. At least I still have 3 years to save!

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                  1. Thanks! I’d give preference to an old butterscotch blonde but it wouldn’t really matter if it was another colour or a burst. I’d prefer original finish over refinished. I don’t mind knicks and dings on the body, that’s just signs of a life lived, but the neck and fretboard should be player smooth). I care more the electronics are good, and it doesn’t need a re-fret, and the neck isn’t warped or at the limit of its truss rod. Structural stuff needs to be solid enough, in other words. I just want it as a player (I’ll be playing the hell out of it), not as a collector piece, so a reputable shoppe would know! I’m looking for a fellow traveller in this life, so to speak. 🙂

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                    1. I’ve done nothing but dream about them for years, so you could say I’ve had time! Really it’s just learning over time that there are plenty of folks who charge a premium because of the age but the integrity maybe isn’t there. Gotta be a reputable thing, is all, and a solid guitar shoppe would have already covered what concerns me. 🙂

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    1. James sends me this song, out of the blue, every once in a while. Just because. Also he knows I rather don’t like it (it’s an annoying earworm) and he takes hilarity from that.

      I gave up coffee too, was bothering my stomach. How far into the boring can I go lol?

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      1. need tips, how did u win the coffee battle? I go weeks without and then after a cup I’m back in. It’s everywhere and just plain water is not cutting it. What’s your cure?

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        1. No cure, really, just cold turkey. For me, coffee made my stomach feel all acidic and nasty, so it was an easy thing to stop. If it’s any consolation, I know if I had one today I’d be right back into it again too, but I remember how it felt so I just don’t do it. I only drink water and decaf green tea. No soda, no juice, no anything else. I just got used to it, honestly. It’s been months since my last coffee and my stomach is waaaay better so that is the payoff. There were headaches and messed up sleep patterns for a while, immediately after stopping, but those are long gone and I sleep like a rock and my energy doesn’t wane through the day. I also workout at least an hour a day, which I cannot recommend enough as it helps immeasurably.

          Sounds like, if you can go months in between cuppas, you could just not have that cuppa when you get tempted. Sorry, wish I could offer better advice. I just did it one day and never looked back.


  3. Thank you!! Was afraid that it would be that. That’s how it was for me with alcohol back in the day. But coffee seems to be really hard to shake. I just keep falling back in. Green tea for me is a no go which is a shame cos that’s what everyone keeps offering to replace coffee with.

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