Friday New Releases – February 26, 2021

This is another big week as I have over 25 new releases for today. Unfortunately for me, there is only a couple I’m really interested in and they are marked in Blue. There has to be something you can find in this list that you want to spin. Let me know what tickles your funny bone. Also, let me know what new releases I missed because believe it or not, it has been known to happen. Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

  • 61yFSK+0uGL._SX522_  Alice Cooper – Detroit Stories – (Edel Germany / Earmusic): Alice is still going strong at around 73 years of age. This time around the album actually features all surviving members of the Original Alice Cooper Band. How cool is that!! I am sure this is going to be another guitar heavy masterpiece that only Alice can give us.
  • B1qx+KFwSPS._SX522_  The Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker (30th Anniversary Deluxe) – (Universal Music / American Music) – DIGITAL ONLY – The Deluxe Edition is not until March 19th on CD & Vinyl…This is the only other I am eager to hear. This is loaded full of unreleased material. The only bad news is that the CD & Vinyl Deluxed Editions aren’t coming for another month. I think I can make it!! It will be difficult, but I will survive.
  • 81O1Ja53wxL._AC_UY436_QL65_  Steve Lukather – I Found the Sun Again – (The Players Club)
  • 71GLRgE5KVL._SX522_  Joseph Williams – Denizen Tenant – (The Players Club)
  • 81w8GJfJHPL._SX522_  Bob Dylan – 1970 – (Columbia Records / Sony)
  • 91537f+cduL._SX522_  Melvins – Working with God – (IPECAC Records)
  • 71LfRm5v1fL._SX522_  Willie Nelson – That’s Life – (Sony Music)
  • 71BIYzID+eL._SX522_  Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Way Down in the Rust Bucket – (Reprise)
  • 71a4nN1RfJL._SS500_  Epica – Omega – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 71CRfiFqE7L._SX522_  Korpse – Insufferable Violence – (Unique Leader)
  • 716w337pQrL._SX522_  Moonspell – Hermitage – (Napalm Records)
  • 812C2DgvlgL._SX522_  Kreator – Under the Guillotine – (Noise Records) Deluxe Box Set
  • 71MFCMs6s7L._SX522_  Stereolab – Electrically Possessed (Switched On, Vol. 4) – (Duophonic Disks / Warp)
  • 91DpZ0aX9ML._SX522_  NOFX – Single Album – (Fat Wreck Records)
  • 91T1YaQx4WL._SX522_  PJ Harvey – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea Demos – (Island Records)
  • 71SEhiKJxQL._SX522_  Madison Beer – Life Support – (Epic Records)
  • 91MHHN+z8yL._SS500_  Addison Johnson – Dark Side of the Mountain – (Addison Johnson Music)

No video

  • 91FcPE0-VmL._SX522_  Bonnie Tyler – The Best is Yet to Come – (Earmusic)
  • A14xtmp5+FL._SS500_  Akae Beka – Righteous Synergy – (Fifth Son Records)
  • 81dsXbV-4FL._SS500_  Robin Schulz – IIII – (Warner Music)
  • A1OlAkHYb8L._SS500_  Roosevelt – Polydans – (City Slang / Greco-Roman)
  • 61xfX6C3pSL._SX522_  Julien Baker – Little Oblivions – (Matador)
  • 810sJ-8vqeL._SX522_  Pat Barrett – Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly – (Sparrow Records / Capitol)
  • 91VDxJXZo3L._SS500_  Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist – (Epitath)
  • 71QVj2PHnCL._SX522_  Joanna Connor – 4801 South Indiana Avenue – (KTBA Records)
  • 71++knYNecL._SS500_  Mary Santora – Hillbilly Boujee – (Helium Comedy Records) – no video
  • 91Ih1Qd0teL._SX522_  Strawbs – Settlement – (Esoteric)

40 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – February 26, 2021

  1. I just can’t get excited about the Shake Your Money Maker reissue, but I can get excited about the two PJ Harvey releases (Stories from the City reissue and the demos) and Melvins.

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  2. Coop and Crowes! Amazon sent me a message saying it was pushed back a month. Least the audio is available for now. I will have to check out that Lukathur one as well. I need to finish his book as thats a great read.

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    1. really? I just got the paperback version cos it was only a couple of bucks. Haven’t started reading it yet. Browsed through it at the store and read that Slash story.

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  3. there’s so many interesting releases this Friday…Alice, Neil Young, Epica, Dylan, BC…what do u think of PJ Harvey?
    Back in the school days there was this girl, kinda gothic looking, who only wore different Moonspell shirts. Never seen anyone that dedicated to a band. Maybe she was bewitched?

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  4. I’m curious about the Neil Young and the PJ Harvey. The Black Crowes… man, I was all over that gang in the 90s, and I still love ’em, but I don’t play ’em as often. I’m a bit on the fence with this one… oh hell, I’ll probably buy it at some point, who am I kidding?

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  5. I have Coop double pre-ordered with red vinyl and the CD set that comes with a Blu-ray. I may have a problem, lol.

    I want that Neil Young live set but the vinyl is over 100 moose bucks! Plus, the recording sounds hollow to me. Like it was taped with a mic in the audience and not from the soundboard.

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