Friday New Releases – March 5th, 2021

We are already in March, crazy. If I blink, we will be in August or it will be Christmas…either way, time does fly some time. This week there is an abundance of releases worth checking out. Some new, some old in a deluxe format. But all fantastic. And if you make it to the bottom, there is a very special release that is only on here because I took my kids to see them when they were wee little tots which feels like yesterday but was easily 10+ years ago. There is really nothing for me I’m excited about but some I will give a listen and they are highlighted in Blue. Let me know what you want to hear and/or what I may have missed from the list so that way everyone that comes to the site can see what else is out there. Thanks as always and I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

These are the ones I will DEFINITELY give a listen…

  • 91S64aN-Q3L._SX522_  Black Sabbath – Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition) – (Rhino / Warner Bros): Sabbath & Dio…yes, please…Deluxe Editions…even more of a Yes!!!

  • 712Q7mruCZL._SX522_  Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell (Deluxe Edition) – (Rhino / Warner Bros):  Ditto with above!!!  I mean, come on really!  Do you need your arm twisted to listen to this one.

And these will be next up to give a spin…

  • 81MlD7FdeiL._SS500_  A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome – (Fueled By Ramen / WEA)
  • 81uEU7V5JrL._SX522_  Kings of Leon – When You See Yourself – (RCA / Sony):  I am curious to what they will bring to the table this time

And the rest…

  • A1ClKNPK-8L._SX522_  Chevelle – Niratias – (Epic Records / Sony)

  • 91XPp26UUPL._SX522_  The Georgia Satellites – Ultimate Georgia Satellites – (Lemon Records UK)

  • 71CGPz+gCWL._SX522_  SKOLD – Dies Irae – (Cleopatra Records)

  • 91LOWIvH37L._SX522_  Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird – These 13 – (Wegawam Music & Southern Broadcast)

  • 91ibJ2zCOyL._SX522_  Demon Hunter – Songs of Death and Resurrection – (Solid State Records)

  • 81OiMQHF8GL._SS500_  Blu DeTiger – How Did We Get Here? – (Blu DeTiger)

  • 81pZg4pCf-L._SX522_  Zara Larsson – Poster Girl – (Record Company 10 / Epic / Sony)

  • 81WfIyEhhbL._SX522_  The Spill Canvas – Conduit – (Pure Noise Records)

  • 91EPEe9ZKNL._SX522_  Mason Hill – Against the Wall – (7hz Productions)

  • 81VzoTXvX-L._SS500_  Brand of Sacrifice – Lifeblood – (Blood Blast Distribution)

  • 91ntTBeAwfL._SX522_  Ken Hensley – My Book of Answers – (Hne)

  • 51lQXNnektL  The Wiggles – We’re All Fruit Salad!: The Wiggles Greatest Hits – (The Wiggles Party Ltd)

40 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – March 5th, 2021

      1. I had Wiggles DVDs and we then purchased the soundtracks to those DVDs on CDs for the car and we sang Wiggles so loud.

        yep we saw em in concert as well. Got a stupid parking fine at one of em. Went to Wiggle World in the Gold Coast.

        Remember singing rolling down the sand dunes as we rolled down the sand dunes.

        Ahh the memories

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  1. I can’t believe it’s been 30 years already!!! I miss Greg, Murray, and Jeff. The new Wiggles isn’t the same and that is the only reason why I won’t buy that release lol! Oddly enough Amazon recommended me Mob Rules a few days ago, interesting! Here’s a funny story: two years ago when I heard the title track to Heaven and Hell on a music react youtube channel, I thought it was Ozzy singing because I had no idea Black Sabbath had different singers throughout the years.

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      1. I couldn’t even accept Sam; that’s how much I adore the OG Wiggles and I’m sad I never got to see them live! The closest interaction I had with them was when Murray liked my comment on his instagram photo.

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          1. I salute you my friend! Greg returned in 2012, but then he ripped my heart again when they announced that Greg would leave again, along with Murray and Jeff. Then I thought, “what’s the point in continuing?”

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  2. We’re All Fruit Salad! lol
    I have the two Sabbath albums on order from Amazon as does Kev but now Amazon has said they are both out of stock. Why have preorders? lol
    I’ll stream em til I get em…
    Satellites is a good set but I got the three on vinyl so I’m set…stream that one as well…

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  3. Kings of Leon. Jeez. Hard to remember the last time they were actually any good.

    I’ll likely have a look at the bonus stuff on offer on the Sabbath sets. Maybe the Satellites stuff, too.

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  4. I have the Satellites ones in original vinyl. Need to check out what bonuses there are on this Ultimate edition. Interested in Black Sabbath ones.

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  5. I remember as a kid loaning Mob rules cassette from local library and being a bit scared of that cover. Then buying Live evil tape from record store. Don’t think I ever showed that to my parents.

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  6. and John could u, please, do a couple of those time-travel blinks of yours to take us all to the morning when we’re are back to normal, please!

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  7. The Kings of Leon one is intriguing – as I gather it is being released as a ‘non fungible token.’
    I’m not sure if I fully understand the cryptocurrency, but it feels like it could be looked back on a significant release some time in the future!

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