May 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Welcome to the another month of purchases here at 2 Loud 2 Old Music. This month was going to start out very promising as I was going to a record show the first weekend of the month. I had high hopes. I put together a list of records I was going to hunt specifically for as I was going to get a grail item. Well, that didn’t happen. Nope…it was kind of a let down. Almost a bust. Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t find some stuff, just nothing I was hoping to find.

What did I find? Well, as you know, I am a Billy Idol fan and I found a 12″ Picture Disc as well as two 7″ Singles. There were more, but condition was not great on the rest so I left them there. Here are the Idol Items I found…

I even found a Kiss Single for the song “Calling Dr. Love” with “Take Me” as the B-Side…

There was still more, CDS seem to be the big hit this time around as there were a lot of booths with CDs. I was able to find a few more things for my Cheap Trick Series that is coming as well as the Aerosmith series. Exciting!!

And the last 2 items were more CDs. One is the Detroit Rock City Soundtrack which I didn’t have…yeah Kiss stuff. And the other was a band called The Panic Channel featuring Dave Navarro on guitar. My brother in law recorded and mixed the album so I needed it in the collection.

Then on the 13th, I received in the mail the new Myles Kennedy album, “The Ides of March”. It is a cool green, silver & white swirl vinyl and autographed…sorry…you aren’t going to see the vinyl until I write a review which will be awhile.

The next thing came on the 14th which were two Judas Priest CDs I picked up for free thanks to points I had earned. I had $30 at Amazon to spend and why not get the last two studio albums I need to finish up the Judas Priest Series.

And then I made another trip out to pick up some more Cheap Trick and Aerosmith, but I only found Aerosmith and a couple of other things. The couple of other things was a cheap version of the Bon Jovi album ‘Burning Bridges’ which was a throwaway album for them to fulfil a contract, but I actually liked it. And the other is GNR – Live Era ’87-’93 and is great…

The Aerosmith…I was missing way more than I thought so here are the CDs first…

Then the albums…and Aerosmith is done and ready to go…but Cheap Trick will still be first…

And in the continuing effort to expand my Jeff Scott Soto collection, I picked up this gem of a solo album called “Lost in Translation”. I really like this one…

Well, there was an unexpected trip out and my youngest daughter and I hit Repo records and they had some goodies…a couple for my Kiss collection…

And one for the Whitesnake collection…

And lastly was a book from Aerosmith and that review is coming very soon…

And that is it. Thank goodness. Now, June has some biggies so not sure I will have a lot of purchases, but what I am getting is great!! Until then, happy hunting.

39 thoughts on “May 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. Some cool stuff here John. I need to revisit Woke Up With A Monster. I bought it back in 94 and it was iffy at best…
    Nice looking Aero set and welcome to owning the best live album ever recorded without studio trickery Live Bootleg!

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    1. Revisit Woke Up with a Monster Deke. It’s definitely a little spotty, but there’s some gems on there. The album after it from ’97 is way better though. Monster was their step back in the right direction.

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  2. Uh why you do this to my heart John?!?! ‘Burning Bridges’ was the first release without guitarist Richie Sambora and things went downhill even further. And that Cheap Trick album ‘Woke Up with a Monster’ is freaking me out because I hate clowns! (That’s another reason why I’m not a fan of Kiss).

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  3. Woke Up with a Monster is pretty good. A few clunkers, but overall a huge step in the right direction after their super shitty mid-late ’80s years, and the crappy Busted album. They’d really pull it together on their self-titled from ’97 though. That’s a great record, one of their best.

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          1. Sounds like a fun series. If you’d at all be interested, I’d love to do review of the first six, Budokan, and then Monster/97 with you. That’s all I got! As far as I know you’ve never done a co-review. I’ve done it for Mike and Harrison, wouldn’t want you to feel left out. Harrison and I did that whole Boingo series on the fly, so you know I can work on a deadline.

            Or not. You wouldn’t be hurting my feelings. Just a suggestion that I think sounds like big fun.


        1. Sorry…but I am too excited to not share. It was so cool to be out and about again doing normal things. We will see if cases spike again because most Americans were out and about due to the Holiday weekend.


  4. Nice scores! — but I’m glad that Aerosmith book review is coming soon because I largely enjoyed that book, and I have a lot to say about it. Tim Collins sounds like a right douche! That book is one of the few still visible in my collection here at the LeBrain Train studios.

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  5. Loads of greatness here, John – been on an Aerosmith kick recently and digging out all my CDs… definitely needing to pick up most of it on vinyl. That Walk This Way book is pretty excellent, too – read that a good few years ago… quite something! The GN’R Live Era set is pretty sweet… I had moved that on years ago and kinda regret doing so.

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