Ghost – “Hunter’s Moon” – 7″ Single

In my many trips to the local record stores, I stumbled across a new single by the band Ghost. It wasn’t a single for the new album, ‘Impera’, even though the song is on that album. It is actually the song that was written for the latest Halloween movie called “Halloween Kills” which was out in 2021. Tobias Forge was approached by the producer Ryan Turek if he’d be interested in writing a song for the movie. I doubt Tobias hesitated at all as he had a song already laying around that he thought would work and that was “Hunter’s Moon”.


I love how the song feels like it is coming from Jason’s perspective which makes it really eerie. The drumming on this is a highlight as the fills and pounding beat are really key to its creepiness along with Tobias’ haunting vocals. You can help but feel creeped out. The piercing electric guitar riffs are like stabbings to your heart. But the song also feels nostalgic which I know sounds weird. The song feels like it is Jason looking back over the years and how he has felt along in his thirst for killing people. The song is heavy yet it has a little romanticism to it as well. It is a really cool song, admit it.

They did a video for it as well and it is pretty creepy in its own right. It is an old house with a little boy wearing a mask (could it be Jason as a child?) and a dark shadowy figure creeping around in the woods. That figure turns out to be Tobias. It is all so eerie like the song. Check it out.


The B-Side is also from the movie and it is John Carpenter’s Main Title them called “Halloween Kills”. It has that original Jason’s Theme element with those haunting piano notes. It will sound so familiar and scare the crap out of you. There is an angelic chorus of woman singing “aaah’s” which even makes it a little more scary. It is old, but yet fresh and new for 2021!! It is only 1:46 of terrifying nightmarish music!!

You can check it out here…

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the terrifying walk through this single. I hope you aren’t too frightened!!

10 thoughts on “Ghost – “Hunter’s Moon” – 7″ Single

  1. Hunter’s Moon is a great track and I’m glad it was added to the Impera album. Tobias following the path set by Coop when Alice did the Man Behind The Mask song …
    Nice score here Johnny.

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  2. Impera is such an awesome album, that Hunter’s moon isn’t even my favourite track on it.

    I’m not much of a fan of the horror movie genre, but I can see how this song would fit in one.

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