Winger – “Madelaine” – 7″ Single (Promotional Copy)

I have been out to some stores and found 6 great picture sleeve singles and all from only 2 bands. First up is Beavis & Butthead’s favorite band to hate, Winger. The song is for the debut single from their debut album. The song is “Madalaine” from their self-titled album Winger. The single was released in May of 1988 a few months prior to the release of the album. The song went to #27 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart and was actually ignored by MTV which is a shocker. It wasn’t until their next single “Seventeen” did the band break on MTV.

The song was written by Kip Winger, Reb Beach and producer Beau Hill. They took a bunch of riffs that Reb had laying around since he was a kid and Kip helped piece them together to make the song. It is obviously about a woman who is just to tough to tame as she is too wild. Originally it was written with a slower tempo and meant to be more ballady, but Beau Hill had the idea of speeding it up and well, he was right. It works really well that way.

My copy says the B-Side is the song “Higher & Higher” which was only available on the CD version of the release. However, my copy is not the public released single. Nope. It is a promo of the song “Madalaine” and that is the song on both sides. The jacket used was the standard single jacket, but the 7″ Vinyl label was printed as promotional copy. My version has the person it was sent to stamped on both sides (or it was the stamp of someone that collected it). Not sure why it is stamped on both sides because you really only need to stamp it once to mark it as yours.


The A-Side is the LP version of the song with a run time of 3:41. It is a rocking track and does have some cool riffs from Mr. Beach. The band sounds tight and they should as they are all seasoned, well trained musicians that just happen to play cheesy-ass 80’s rock music. Kip was classically trained and from Alice Cooper’s band, keyboardist Rob Taylor was also from Alice Cooper’s band, Reb was a talented session musician and Rob Morgenstein on drums was formerly with the Dixie Dregs. Kip has a great voice that gets ear-piercing when he hits those high notes. There are some string arrangements included by Kip and Rob’s drums are pure pounding energy. It definitely sounds 80’s but it is still a killer fun track.


The B-Side is not the same song…well it is. It is still “Madalaine”, but it is the single edit version of the song and only runs 3:25. And honestly, you can’t really tell the difference as nothing cut was that critical anyway to change the feel of the song. And since I can’t find a YouTube video of the single edit, let’s just give you the music video which is the longer edit of the song. Why not!

And there you have the first of the 6 singles we will discuss with this run of 45’s. Thanks for stopping by and we will see you soon for another single.

21 thoughts on “Winger – “Madelaine” – 7″ Single (Promotional Copy)

  1. Madeline is a great catchy track. The chorus is the money shot. Never heard of the song Higher and Higher and the fact that I never owned it on CD. I bought this on cassette tape back around that time when this album dropped.

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  2. BEAUTY find. I love that the CD bonus track is the B-side! That’s really cool John, I’m envious as always. I might have to send the Knights in Satan’s Service after this article in a future fictional story.

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  3. Just though I bury this here…

    TAYLOR HAWKINS Tribute Concert In London in my review(Sorry John):
    There was just so much sweet love in the air, for Taylor, for music, for Taylor’s favorite music. I was in tears many a times during this concert and at the same time
    smiling cos the music was so breathtakingly great. Such a shame that it took the reason everyone knows to bring all these amazing musicians together. Cannot wipe the image of Taylor grooving on the side of a cloud bearly containing himself not to fall off
    while he’s air drumming along to the greatest concert ever and surely being deeply touched and at the same time bewilded seeing all that came to pay their respects to him. God works in mysterious ways. Cannot help but think that Grohl playing everywhere and
    with everyone was a build up to this. Or so I thought until Dave set that straight saying that Taylor loved playing with anybody/everybody and he brought musicíans
    that didn’t ever know each other together all the time. Isn’t love amazing. Respect to all that took part. Caring about each other, love and feeling joy, spreading
    and sharing it is so much needed at these times of turmoil.

    about the show, opened the feed late
    -missed most of Wolfgang, loved the shorts on his drummer though
    -almost forgot Supergrass, they played it cool even though this probably was one of the biggest shows they have played. But who doesn’t love the song Alright…
    -Josh, tearing up when the picture of him and Taylor went up. Him getting a hug from his kid after getting through Yellow brick road
    and Josh saying the world’s gonna end (hope he’s not right about that) and that he loves everybody. And John Paul Jones, the admiral.

    – and then Chrissie, oh boy, Grohl on bass (another dream for him coming through I’m sure), and Chrissie saying that Taylor loved her but she loved Taylor more, that’s gotta be worth dying for. And then Chrissie going on a couple of times about the women’s legendary
    soccer victory with Sweet Caroline…

    -showing my ignorance here regarding Taylor’s favorite band the James gang. Not familiar with them at all. Sorry Taylor!
    -seeing Grohl let loose on the drums through out the evening was a blast
    -Grohl revealing that even with Taylor’s closest friends and family only , still there would have been over 100 musicians there.
    – the only thing missing from the intimate crowd sing along to Valerie was Taylor himself being the seremony master and singing himself. like to think that he did.
    -the foos came out to play back in black with the Brian Johnson and Lars. and Justin got to join in too….who doesn’t love Ac/Dc? By this point it was getting ridicilous, ridicilously good. How much ear candy can there be in just 1 night during one concert?

    -after Brian, Lars and foos, Grohl came on and said that that could have perfectly happy ending to any other show but were not done here not even close and I bursted out laughing. I bet him to that though.

    -and then Copeland and foos did next to you and in my mind I saw images from Taylor interviews of him drooling over Police and Rush and not believing that his heroes are now people he call his friends. Gaz came on and sang Every little thing. This was getting to be like a kid getting all his Christmas wishes come through….but the kid in questiong was not there.

    Duff said it best, this was a celebration, it sure was! Taylor, what a Man, what a drummer, what a phenomenom, what a fan.
    Thank u Taylor for bringing so much joy, excitement and good vibes to one and all during your life.
    – and then we went off again, it was Rush and Grohl on the drums. This was amazing on so many levels, Grohl getting to play along with his best friend’s favorite band and for Rush to..
    just..this was amazing on so many levels.
    – and then there were still to come the foos oh and Queen.. and to think that this amazing tribute with even more amazing musicians is going make a second appearance soon.

    thank u to Utube for bringing this show available to view at every home for free!

    Most importantly Thank u to every single person involved in bringing this together, taking part, having a blast just performing or listening, watching, building it all for just reminding everyone of that feeling of what it was/is to have fun, feel joy, care for one another..
    going too deep here…I still cannot believe how fortune we all are to have such amazing miracle as music to exist and to be enjoyed by one and all.

    Cheers to you Taylor, you left us with a huge bang! What a send off. What a concert!

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