February 2023 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

We had another good month here at 2 Loud 2 Old Music and the collection keeps growing, both the vinyl and the CD collection as well as now even the cassette collection. I found some more stuff to add to the ever growing Kiss collection, the Needtobreathe collection, the Matt Nathanson collection and even the Ratt and Whitesnake collections.

First thing that came in was something that was bought months ago, but the vinyl had been delayed. It finally arrived and it is the new Matt Nathanson album ‘Boston Accent’ which now completes my vinyl collection for Matt…well until he releases something else of course…

Then I bought a bunch of things this month from the internet including some new releases as well as filling out my The Poodles collection, Eclipse, Wig Wam and H.E.A.T. The Wig Wam can be counted as new too along with The Winery Dogs…

Now, if you follow me, you know I’m a huge Needtobreathe fan and I am always hunting stuff that they’ve released that were exclusive to their fan club, The Insiders. I finally found the 7″ Single on clear vinyl for the song Keep Your Eyes Open, this was the acoustic mix and was exclusive to the Insiders. Then, I signed up for the 2023 Insiders Club and I received the CD for this year. The vinyl will come in April and the 2022 Vinyl should come in March (hopefully).

And since I joined the 2023 Club, I also got some goodies including a Turntable Mat, a 2023 Calendar, a notebook and a set of Needtobreathe Magnets…

My daughter wanted to go to Sleepy Poets Antique Mall and I normally don’t find a whole lot, but this time a found a cool ZZ Top CD box set and a vinyl from the band Bad English that I had never seen before. So, I had to grab it…

If that wasn’t enough, I had to fill some wholes in my Bon Jovi collection so I picked up a few things and even found a sealed cassette single for $3, so sold!! We will talk about all these when we get to the Bon Jovi Collection Series coming soon…

Now, I also collect Will Hoge CDs and I finally got my hands on a really rare one called Live in Charleston. I had never seen this one before and only knew about it because of Wiki. So, when I saw one on sale…finally…I bought it. I’m only missing one more and maybe a few promo singles…

I also bought a couple magazines this month and I never do that. These were both exclusively content on the band…One for Def Leppard and one for Kiss…of course…

Lastly, I hit a record show this past weekend and found a few things. First up, a few Kiss items including 2 Bootlegs and 1 Cassette for Destroyer. Now, one of the bootlegs I already have that show, but it is a different cover. When I told my daughter that I had that show, she went, “but a different cover, right?”…she understands her old man!!

Then there were four other items I found including an Mickey Ratt on pink vinyl and a Greece Release of Whitesnake Best of…and it is in Greek…well the writing on it is, the music is still in English. I’ll write a review on both of those to add to the old Ratt series and the Whitesnake one as well. The other two were just older, great albums…

And that is everything for the month. There was still a Rock Candy purchase that I made (I’m making one a month), but it didn’t arrive in time which means I will probably have two next month…I hope you enjoyed and here are all of them together…

See you for the March round up in a about 31 days!!


32 thoughts on “February 2023 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. Great adds. Looking forward to reading the Ratt and Whitesnake reviews.

    And Bon Jovi series. Nice.

    But the best part is the Collectors Mindset.

    “When I told my daughter that I had that show, she went, “but a different cover, right?”…she understands her old man!!”

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  2. Good morning, noticed your new Winery Dogs cd. I just saw them live in NJ last week. Sadly the venue was at best half full, they closed off a whole section of the venue w/ a curtain to condense the crowd so it didn’t look & feel so empty. Kinda sad when a really good band such as the Winery Dogs w/ 3 pretty amazing musicians can’t get a better crowd on a Thurs nite. I think the NYC/NJ area unfortunately isn’t as big a RnR area anymore as other parts of the country.

    I have some catching up to do on your other posts, was & still am a big Saigon Kick fan & I’m one of the few that thought Queensryche’s “Hear in the Now…” was a bit better than your take on it but that’s for another time…Take care all

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        1. Yep, re-recorded or so it says on most sites:

          The biggest hits of ’80s metal icons Ratt, re-recorded by
          frontman Stephen Pearcy with special guest stars George Lynch
          of Dokken, Tracii Guns of L.A. Guns and others!

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          1. Here’s more on everything Stephen Pearcy related:

            Ep 80 RATT vocalist Stephen Pearcy: RATT, Backstage stage past & we break down all the RATT albums.

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  3. Two things stand out here Johnny. First, once again you scored a ton of stuff. (glad to see the Georgia Satellite’s in here. Crank Red Light today would ya) and two your daughter gets what the old man is doing!
    Great parenting right there buddy!

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