My Sunday Song – “Rumors of You” by Aldo Nova

For My Sunday Song #356, “Rumors of You” off Aldo Nova’s third album from 1985 called “Twitch” is our song topic today. “Rumors of You” was the first single from the album but didn’t chart anywhere that I am aware, but that doesn’t take away from how good the song really is. On this album Aldo was, I would guess, talked in to using outside writers and I would say the record label had a lot to do with this album, but this song is solely written by Aldo and for that, it is more of who he is then maybe the other songs…in my opinion.

The song is a power ballad and it is about a man who learns about his girlfriend and her cheating ways. I believe he was hurt by her cheating, but more upset that he had to learn from others and not directly from her. The song is a big FU to her and letting her know he is walking out the door. The girl comes in and tries to tell him that the rumors are all lies, butI don’t believe he believes her at all because maybe she’s done it before.

Musically, the is duet with the singer Fiona. Before she sang with Kip Winger, she did a stint with Aldo. The song is very synth based and the drums are electronic which normally I would hate, but Aldo has a way of making them feel like they belong with the song. It is a ballad and Aldo’s vocals drenched with the emotion needed for the pain that is felt on the cheating. The chorus is powerful and has all the energy a great power ballad has. Fiona’s vocals fit so nicely with Aldo and you want to believe her, but you know she’s lying trying to cover her ass. The production on the album was a little lacking and the song is dated in the Miami Vice 80’s, but I still love it just the same.

Give the song a listen and let me know what you think. Was a pretty good ballad for the time? I think so and think it didn’t do well for lack of promotion. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Sunday.

“Rumors Of You”

There’s a place on the corner of the street
Where we go to have a drink and a smoke sometimes
And the people there talk about someone who looks like you
Seems they’ve seen you with somebody else
Tell me baby is that the truth

Well now tell me babe am I the last to know
Did you think I that I’d never find out
It’s time I did some walking
Cause you know why
On the street
Somebody’s talking

Cause I hear rumors
Rumors of you
While I’m picking up my heart
Seems you’ve found somebody new
Looking for us deep down here
Well let me tell you about rumors

Well now don’t believe a word they say
Cause they don’t know a thing about trust
You know how people keep talking
Yeah well your talking up petty lies
So forget about us

Cause I hear rumors
Rumors of you
While I’m here picking up my heart
Seems you’ve found somebody new
Just looking for us deep down here
Let me tell you about rumors

Making a scene


Cause they say you’ve been fooling around
I was picking up the pieces of my heart
You should know all there is
Even took some time

Well I hear rumors
Rumors of you
I’m here falling apart
Seems you’ve found somebody new
Looking for use deep down here

Well those rumors
Rumors of you
See you’re doing it all over again

I just hope that someday
You get yours
In the end
Well let me tell you about rumors
They never seem to end
I’m tired of rumors
It’s you in the end

Written by Aldo Nova


3 thoughts on “My Sunday Song – “Rumors of You” by Aldo Nova

  1. My buddy Muk bought this at the time and we were like “what happened to the power guitar rock” lol. But that was back in ’85 so now that I’m waaaaaay older maybe I will give this one another shot and ask Muk as well…
    Great stuff Johnny…


  2. Interesting to see him go with the spelling of “Rumor” (vs. Rumour) – maybe that didn’t help the sales in Canada, we tend to like adding the ‘u’ to words like colour & rumour!


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