April 2023 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs & DVDs

Okay, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax as we are going to be here awhile as April turned in to a stellar month. And let’s just jump right in to this shall we. Before March even closed and after I wrote the March post on the purchases, this arrived in the mail…Needtobreathe’s Fan Club Exclusive vinyl autographed by the band. It is the 1st Edition from 2022 and took awhile to get here. And two weeks or so later. the 2nd Edition for 2023 arrived, autographed by the band. These are two of my favorite pieces now in my collection. As they are one of my favorite bands (after Kiss & Def Leppard of course).

And if that wasn’t enough with autographs, Jason Bieler released his latest album and I was able to grab on CD with his signature. I could’ve done vinyl, but I don’t have of his albums on vinyl so why start now. And this another great one. His stuff is so interesting and eclectic, Love it!!

Then there are a bunch of random things I’d found. First is the debut album from Girl with pre-Def Leppard Phil Collen on guitar and I have to say this album kicks some ass!!

And now that my Billy Idol vinyl collection is basically complete, why not start on CDs. Here are a couple…one isn’t on vinyl so no choice on the Icon one. The other is Billy’s debut…a classic…

And then I continued my Rock Candy collection and my Poodles as well as finding one of the Matt Nathanson Promo Singles I’m missing (only 2 more to got). Then some Megadeth and Warrant because why not!!

As you might know, the Bon Jovi Series will be starting some time this Summer (announcement coming soon) and I filled some more holes…

And if that wasn’t enough, I saw a listing for a bunch of Bon Jovi DVDs and I don’t have any so why not as they would be fun to review in the series as well. And it includes the Australian only Inside Out…I can’t wait to get this one started.

And as you also probably know, I collect Kiss and I got some more stuff. A couple CDs I didn’t have (including Ace), but the two big things are the new Off the Soundboard and the Creatures of the Night Vinyl without makeup…hard to find. It is a little rough, but I can check it off the list now…

And if that wasn’t enough, while I was on vacation, we hit a record store (my daughter’s idea, not mine). I found a Time Life CD that had Kiss on the cover. The only song on there that is Kiss is “Beth”, but that cover was worth adding to the Kiss collection. Next up my daughter talked me in to buying all these Kiss buttons…

Now we are to Record Store Day 2023 which was on April 22nd. I left the house at 5am and got to the record store at about 5:30 which is about 30 minutes earlier than I normally go to get in line. And the line was insane. I am usually only 15 people back but I was over 30 people back. And it was going to rain. I was not real happy. Well, since it was going to rain, the owner started letting people in a few at a time ahead of schedule. The caveat was he can’t check us out until 8, but who cares it is going to rain. I get up to the door and finally make my way in and it starts raining…Whew…one good thing. then I found everything I wanted…turned out great!! I went for these two albums…Eric Carr’s Rockology with 5 bonus tracks and the Van Halen Live, Right Here Right Now which is a first time on vinyl release…

And then I bought these following releases which I wasn’t planning on doing…

And then when I was in line to checkout, I look down and to my left and there were 2 Van Halen Bootlegs and A Kiss Bootleg. I figured I’m already this deep in to it, what is 3 more records….

I went to RSD at Repo Records in Charlotte, and one thing they did as promotional was give everyone a mystery box of Vinyl. There were 12 in each (mine actually had 13) and the idea is to give it to a young person so they can see what their grandparents use to listen to which I thought was cool. Now, they are all $1 bin records but a couple looked interesting at least…

And that is it!! Whew, that was exhausting. And as usual here are all that I bought (except I didn’t include the freebies from RSD as I didn’t have room on the floor for all of it…

And that is it. Thanks for hanging around and I hope you enjoyed the walk through the April finds. See you next time.


24 thoughts on “April 2023 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs & DVDs

  1. I got a holy grail CD a few days ago, so April is a success for me. The Sound of Music by The dB’s, which has been out of print since 1988. Great band! Underrated.

    This album sounds much different than their first two. One of their two principal songwriters (Chris Stamey) left after the second album, and it changed up the sound drastically. The first two are more power pop ala Big Star, and a bit more experimental as well. Most people probably know the guitar player/singer Peter Holsapple from when he joined R.E.M. as an auxiliary musician. That’s him playing guitar on “Losing My Religion.”

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  2. Very nice stack. I almost thought about going to try and get the VH but I didn’t bother. Good thing too because there were people who camped out overnight at my local store. I’m not that dedicated.

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  3. This is awesome John. That Repo records idea was cool in regards to the box of $1 bin records. Smart on their part to move some stock out to another home. Believe it to not I like that Mr. big debut. Had some great tracks on it…
    Funny thing is I did a post for this Sunday on my April purchases….I may delete it now after seeing this haul lol…..

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  4. Oh my gosh, your Bon Jovi DVDs!!! I’m so jealous!!! I want the Crush tour DVD because it was the Bon Jovi concert I kept watching over and over again when I first got into the band. Great purchases!

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