Airbourne – The Albums Ranked Worst to First

Airbourne was founded in 2003 and their first album didn’t come until 2007.  They hail from Australia and their musical influences are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Def Leppard and of course being from Australia…AC/DC.  The AC/DC influence is the biggest as they are now doing what they did in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  They are delivering some dirty, gritty, sleazy, no holds barred, uncompromising rock & roll.

Airbourne is one of those bands that if you’ve heard one album, you’ve heard them all kind of like with AC/DC.  And you know what, that is perfectly fine.  When you buy an Airbourne album, you know what you are getting and you aren’t expecting them to change the face of music.  You want what you want and if you are buying this, you love that ball busting, blistering speed and some nasty ass guitar licks.  You want Rock & Roll. Lead singer Joel O’Keefe is a Bon Scott clone with shades of Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot and that me, is pretty damn cool.

Are you ready to rock & roll with this list?  Fine, then here we go…


I hate to say it, but the most recent release, ‘Boneshaker’, is my least favorite of the bunch.  It is the band’s first album without rhythm guitarist, David Roads.  It now had Matt “Harri” Harrison on rhythm guitar, but it isn’t his fault the album didn’t strike the same chord with me.  The album had all the same elements as before, it was loud, heavy guitar, thumping bass lines, total destruction from the drums and Joel’s raucous vocals which is everything I love about them.  But the songs left me a little flat this time around. Continue reading “Airbourne – The Albums Ranked Worst to First”

Airbourne – ‘Boneshaker’ – Album Review

Airbourne released their 5th album, ‘Boneshaker’, on October 25, 2019 and they delivered an album that is a fist to the face, elbow to the gut, knee to the balls rock & roll album in the vein of AC/DC that will have you cranking the volume as high as it will go so you can hear every distorted guitar note, head-pounding drum beat, wall vibrating bass notes and Joel O’Keefe’s Bon Scott/Brian Johnson style vocals and lyrics that scream Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll and also give you the longest run-on sentence I could possibly come up with while writing this review for you, my favorite people in the blogging world.

There is no need going through every song, one by one, because Airbourne only know how to deliver one style of song and that style is loud and guitar heavy rock & roll.  As the sticker on the front of the album states…


…and they are not lying.  This next line might sound bad, but it is true and is actually what I love about the band.  If you’ve heard one ‘Airbourne’ album you have heard them all.  They are unapologetically bringing heavy-ass Aussie rock to the world and that is actually what I love about them.

The songs titles, well, they are exactly what you would expect.  Mentioning Rock & Roll, drinking, sex, hell and every other cliche in the book.  It is awesome!!

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