My Sunday Song – “Memories of You” by Kuni

For My Sunday Song #289, we are going deep with a cut called “Memories of You” from a band Jeff Scott Soto was in back in 1988 called Kuni. Soto was able to land a gig with the Japanese guitar virtuoso, Kuni, after his stint with Yngwie Malmsteen. The rest of the band included Mike Terrana on Drums, who played with Yngwie and Beau Nasty, as well as Douglas Taylor Baker on Bass, who also wound up playing with Beau Nasty. The album was called “Lookin’ For Action’ and that album had plenty of action on it.

The song is sad as our singer sits with a picture in his hand of a love gone wrong. They loved so deeply and he doesn’t understand what went wrong and why their love died. But it did and all he is stuck with is his memories. He is wondering if she feels the same way. Is she feeling the pain he is feeling. Is she missing him as much as he misses her. We don’t ever get the answer, just a beautiful song.

This is one of my favorite songs on the record (and there are a lot on this album), “Memories of You”, was written by Cary Sharef. It also might be Jeff’s best performance on the album. It is a power ballad or as close as you can get with Kuni, maybe a little heavier than what you’d expect for one, but works like one as the chorus is hooky and layered with tons of backing vocals. Soto shows off his range here and hits notes that will shatter glass. And don’t worry, every power ballad has a killer guitar solo and this one is no different. It starts off slow and then Kuni rips you a new one. He is a brilliant player and could shred with the best of them. This is also a big part of why I like this song.

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