Bon Jovi – “I’ll Be There For You” – 45 Single

On my Summer vacation back in June, I found over 20 singles with the picture sleeve. I’ve been through a bunch of them so far and now we are tackling the Bon Jovi singles that I found. There were 5 Singles found and we kicked it off with the following:

Now it is time for another ‘New Jersey’ single with “I’ll Be There For You”. This was the third single off the album and it went to #1 on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. This was the band’s fourth #1 song and if I’m not mistaken, it was their last but not from lack of great songs as they still put out some fantastic tracks even after this one. This particular song was written soley by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora with no outside help. Same with the B-Side, “Homebound Train”. Bon Jovi was at the top of their game and no one could touch them. They could have taken a piss, recorded it and it probably would’ve gone to #1 too as long as Jon and Richie were in the video.

If you ever wanted to know why this era of rock bands were called “Hair Bands”, just look at the cover. Aqua Net stock was riding high at that time as the amount of hairspray being used put a hole in the ozone layer…true fact!! My version of the single is a standard U.S. version and the single version and album version aren’t really different. There are only a couple seconds shaved off the single. The big difference is the radio edit which this is not.

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Bon Jovi – The Brotherhood Tour Book (1988-1990)

Back in the late 80’s, Bon Jovi was huge and on one of the longest tours in their history in support of their multi-platinum selling album ‘New Jersey’.  The tour went to Europe, Asia, North America, Europe again, North America again, Australia and even South America.  It hit everywhere and lasted for over 2 years and over 200+ shows.  Sadly,  I don’t think I actually saw that tour and I am not sure how I would’ve missed that tour either.  Maybe I did and I had so much I fun I can’t remember and I lost my ticket stub (I normally keep all my ticket stubs).

Anyway, the tour set list was usually something like this…

  1. Lay Your Hands On Me
  2. I’d Die For You
  3. Wild in the Streets
  4. You Give Love a Bad Name
  5. Homebound Train
  6. Born to be My Baby
  7. Let It Rock
  8. I’ll Be There For You
  9. Blood on Blood
  10. Get Ready
  11. Livin’ on a Prayer
  12. Never Say Goodbye
  13. Runaway
  14. Ride Cowboy Ride
  15. Wanted Dead or Alive
  16. Bad Medicine

I do, however, have the Tour Book. I found at an an Antique Mall here in Charlotte called Sleepy Poet.  It was cheap at only $7 and in great condition, so I grabbed it. Now you get the pleasure of enjoying it page by page.

What is really cool about this one is it has the song lyrics for all the New Jersey songs as well as the flyer for joining the fan club and buying merchandise is still included.  Here are all the pictures, I hope you enjoy… Continue reading “Bon Jovi – The Brotherhood Tour Book (1988-1990)”