Coverdale-Page – “Take Me For A Little While” – 12″ Single (The David Coverdale Series – Bonus Edition)

Here is another Bonus Edition episode of the David Coverdale Series.  The last special find I made while in Paris of April 2019.  This 12″ Picture Disc of the Single for “Take Me For A Little While” from the album 1993 album ‘Coverdale-Page’.  I found this at a cool store called Rock & Roll Voltage and it was a cool little shop.  Ask him about Bootlegs as he has a ton…I bought 7 Kiss Bootlegs that day as well.

The picture on the A-Side is of David and Jimmy and is the cover photo for the article.  The B-Side is a cool picture of the ocean with a storm brewing and of course the Merge Sign.


What was really cool about this Disc was the poster was still with it and in pretty awesome condition.  And it was a double-sided poster at that. The main picture is a full length of the boys…

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Coverdale-Page – ‘Coverdale-Page’ – Album Review (The David Coverdale Series)

After the Whitesnake tour supporting the album, ‘Slip of the Tongue’, David was done.  He had had enough of Whitesnake and called it quits.  He put the band on the back burner and started searching for the next big thing.  In the meantime, Jimmy Page was not getting back  with his former band Led Zeppelin so he was in limbo as well.  Then in 1991, shortly after the tour, A&R guy, John Kalodner, suggested David and Jimmy Page get together and cut an album.  That is funny for one very big reason.  David had been told by critics for years that he was a Robert Plant wannabe…a poor man’s Zeppelin if you will.  Heck, when Robert Plant heard about this project, he called the pairing David Cover”Version”…ouch!


That didn’t stop them though and thankfully for us they plowed ahead.  The album was recorded at the end of 1991 and in to 1992.  However, for reasons I can’t find, the album was delayed until March 1993 when it finally was released. The album had pretty decent success as it definitely went platinum and reached #5 on the Billboard Charts and #4 in the UK. In 1993, a blues tinged rock album to do this good in a landscape that was pretty much grunge at the time, I would say it did more than pretty decent.

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