Maroon 5 – The Albums Ranked Worst to First

With Maroon 5 heading out for their next big tour this Summer, I thought I might go through and rank their albums from Worst to First.  With a span of 6 albums over 16 years, they have put out some great albums and a couple not so great ones.  I am going to keep this strictly to Maroon 5’s studio albums and not include any from them when they were known as Kara’s Flowers or any live or re-mix albums.  This will keep it simpler and keep me sane from digging into everything else that is out there.

Now, take a seat and lean back and read on and find out how I rank the Maroon 5 albums from Worst to First.  And of course, we will start with the Worst…

6 – THE WORST – ‘Overexposed’ (2012): 

‘Overexposed’ was the band’s fourth album and the title pretty much sums up Adam Levine during this time.  He was everywhere.  With the success of his judging stint on ‘The Voice’, Adam became so overexposed and I tired of him quickly.  The album was their most Pop album at the time (yes, even more so than the previous two).  They brought in so many outside people including Max Martin and even Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and it seemed like a giant effort to match the sound of time rather than be who they really are.

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Melanie Martinez – Cry Baby – Album Spotlight

Melanie Martinez was on Season 3 of The Voice and Team Adam.  She didn’t win, but she was able to transition to a record deal with Atlantic Records.  Her first full length album is ‘Cry Baby’ and was released last year on August 14, 2015.

I don’t know if I would have listened to this album on my own.  The only reason I really know about her is my oldest daughter.  Melanie is one of her favorite artist.  When we were on vacation a couple weeks ago, we came across her record in the Vinyl section of a store and I let her get it.  And of course on the car ride home, we had to listen to the album (no, not on vinyl as my car is not outfitted with a turntable – we streamed it).


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Christina Grimmie – Voice Alum – Dies

Tragic news to wake up to again this morning.  Christina Grimmie was shot and killed by a crazed fan, it sounds like, last night after her concert.  My daughters were fans of hers before she was on the Voice and even after.  I hate to have to tell them this news when they get up.  Here is a video in her honor.  I picked the song that had the most listens from them when I looked in my iTunes library.

The picture is by Justin Higuchi ( [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons