DC Talk Side Projects – Playlist

In honor of a possible reunion of DC Talk (announcement coming tomorrow, Wednesday), I thought I would do a playlist of all the side projects the members of DC Talk have done outside of the band.  What exactly has Kevin Max, Tobymac and Michael Tait been up to when they weren’t a part of DC Talk?  Actually, quite a lot and there has been some exceptional music.

Kevin Max

We will start with Kevin Max.  Outside of DC Talk he has released 8 full length solo albums, numerous EPs, he was lead singer for one album with Audio Adrenaline and he has done countless collaborations with other artists.  These are my favorite Kevin Max songs:

“Existence” from Stereotype Be (Forefront Records)

“The Cross (with DC Talk)” from The Blood (Infinity Music)

“On Yer Bike” from Cotes D’Armor (dPulse Recordings)

“Kings & Queens” from Kings & Queens with Audio Adrenaline (Fair Trade Services)


Tobymac is the hip-hop artist from the group.  He has released 7 full length solo albums. several re-mix albums, e.p.’s and one live album.  He might be the most successful of the 3 members outside of DC Talk.  I know I am a huge Tobymac fan and find each of his albums to be outstanding.  These are my favorite songs of his.

“Extreme Days” from Momentum (ForeFront Records)

“Made to Love” from Portable Sounds (ForeFront Records)

“Funky Jesus Music” from Tonight (ForeFront Records)

“Burn For You” from Welcome to Diverse City (ForeFront Records)

“Get This Party Started” from Momentum (ForeFront Records)

Michael Tait

Last but certainly not least is Michael Tait.  Michael Tait’s 1st band after DC Talk was Tait. They released 2 sensational albums, Empty and Lose This Life.  Empty is my favorite album out of all the DC Talk members.  In 2009, he joined Newsboys and they have released 5 albums.  Here are my favorite songs.

“Talk About Jesus” from Empty with Tait (ForeFront Records)

“God Can You Hear Me” from Lose this Life with Tait (Forefront Records)

“One Shot” from Born Again with Newsboys (InPop)

“Born Again” from Born Again with Newsboys (InPop)

“God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)” from God’s Not Dead with Newsboys (InPop)

Now I hope DC Talk is reuniting, but if they aren’t, these guys are putting out some great music for us to enjoy.  Keeping my fingers crossed though!

What are your favorite songs?


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