Royal Bliss – The Truth EP – Album Review

On Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Royal Bliss released an E.P.  I was completely unaware and did not have it listed in my new releases.  I couldn’t wait to play it and listen to some great rock music.

If you are familiar with Royal Bliss, you know they are a hard rock band.  Not too hard, but hard enough.  They have had some great songs such as “Save Me”, “Crazy”, “I Love You”, “Welcome” and “Drink My Stupid Away” among others.

When I clicked on the album in Apple Music, I noticed something strange.  It said that Royal Bliss was categorized as “Country”.  WTF???  I don’t remember them being country. I looked at the album cover and thought, they look a little country in the picture.  Maybe someone was lazy at Apple and just classified them as country based on the picture.

I then had to look up the album to see what was going on thinking they can’t be going country. Well, They actually are.  According to their website:

“We have always done our own thing and been honest with ourselves and our music by singing about things that are real and happening to us and our fans.  In recent years, rock radio has gone way heavier than what we do and we are finding that we haven’t changed direction but the industry and the boxes it puts artists in has.  Royal Bliss isn’t doing anything different than what they always have done,” says Middleton.  Now, their journey is evolving and they are growing as a band that is now headed straight for Nashville, TN.

I don’t think they are doing the same old thing.  I never felt like I was listening to country when I listened to them, but if that is the path they want to take then who am I to argue.  I mean it worked so well for Bon Jovi to do a country sound on one of their recent albums (if you can’t tell I am being sarcastic, that Bon Jovi album sucked).

I will give them the benefit of the doubt and listen to the album.  I played the first song “The Truth” and it didn’t sound country at all.  It sounded like Royal Bliss that I have enjoyed in the past.  If this is country, I might start liking country a little more.  A nice harder edge is what the genre needs.

The second song, “We’re All Livin’ the Dream”, starts to show a little country sound.  A very patriotic sounding anthem that every country album seems to have.  It is actually a fun song and has some great lines.  When I was listening to it, I thought the lead singer, Neal Middleton, sounded a little like the Goo Goo Dolls’ Johnny Rzeznik.

The third song slows things down and ups the country in both sound and lyrical content as they mention truck stops and the open road. The song is called “Racin'” and no it is not about Nascar.  I don’t particularly care for the song and will probably delete it from my library.

“Drown With Me” is a good ol’ drinking song.  This has the content of a country song with the drinking reference, but it is more in style with what they were doing on previous records. I like this one.

My favorite song on the album is “Goin’ to Hell”.  It is more a rock song then country.  It is what I have always loved about Royal Bliss.  Recommend you listen to this one if you only pick one song.

I noticed that all the words that end in “-ing” in the song titles drop the “g”.  Is that supposed to make it more country…again WTF??

Track List:

  1. “The Truth” – Keeper
  2. “We’re All Livin’ the Dream” – Keeper
  3. ” Racin'” – Delete
  4. “Drown with Me” – Keeper
  5. “Goin’ to Hell” – Keeper

4 out of 5 songs = 80% or 4 out of 5 stars  Despite my many comments about the fact that they are going country, I did enjoy the album.  It is on par with all of their other releases and any fan of Royal Bliss should give it a listen.  I think my issue is I think they are trying to force a country sound when they just need to be who they are and not conform to someone else’s idea of what they should sound like.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Royal Bliss – The Truth EP – Album Review

  1. I agree with you about deleting the song “Racin'”. It was the first track that I heard from this EP. I googled them because I thought that there might be another band by the same name.

    The other four songs are growing on me. I also agree with about the vocals on “We’re All Livin’ the Dream” sounding like Johnny Rzeznik.

    Neal sounds more like Rob Thomas than usual on “Drown with Me”.

    “Devils and Angels” and “Wash It All Away” are a few of my favorites…great band!

    If you want to hear another great band, listen to One Less Reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Royal Bliss is really great. Their first few albums I really enjoyed. I wish they would go back a little to that sound. One Less Reason is also great. I haven’t listened to them in awhile so thanks for the reminder!


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