#TBT – Favorite Albums from 2012

We are up to 2012 for my Throwback Thursday list.  I feel 2012 was a relatively weak year for new music.  This year, it was mostly rock that got me going.  Only one country artist made the list (sort of country and she made the honorable mention at that).  Not much else excited me, but the ones that did I really enjoyed.  Here are my Top albums for 2012 (in no particular order).

Lit - The View From the BottomLit – The View From The Bottom:  So glad these guys came back and did another album.  It had been way too long since their last album.  Their return was well worth the wait.  A great collection of songs and was probably my  2nd favorite album of the year.  I loved “Miss You Gone”, “The Wall” and “Same Shit, Different Drink” just to name a few.  Just good, fun, rock & roll.

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Royal Bliss – The Truth EP – Album Review

On Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Royal Bliss released an E.P.  I was completely unaware and did not have it listed in my new releases.  I couldn’t wait to play it and listen to some great rock music.

If you are familiar with Royal Bliss, you know they are a hard rock band.  Not too hard, but hard enough.  They have had some great songs such as “Save Me”, “Crazy”, “I Love You”, “Welcome” and “Drink My Stupid Away” among others.

When I clicked on the album in Apple Music, I noticed something strange.  It said that Royal Bliss was categorized as “Country”.  WTF???  I don’t remember them being country. I looked at the album cover and thought, they look a little country in the picture.  Maybe someone was lazy at Apple and just classified them as country based on the picture.

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Drinking Booze – Playlist

I will be honest, I am not a big drinker.  Doesn’t mean I won’t drink.  I choose not too most of the time as I never got a taste for it; however, Mondays make me want to drink.  Since I do love alcohol related songs, I figured this Monday needs a playlist of booze drinking songs.  There are so many which makes it hard to choose the best ones.

Here is my list of booze related songs that will hopefully help me make it through Monday.

Emphatic – “Put Down the Drink” from the album Damage

Hellyeah – “Alcohaulin’ Ass” from the album Hellyeah

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