#TBT – My Favorite Albums from 2013

2013 was an interesting year for me with the music that came out.  Either I listened to an album over and over or it just didn’t get listened to but a couple times and I was done.  This list are the albums that I just couldn’t get enough of during the year.  Based on my picks this year, I would say Rock had a great year!!  Here we go:

Scott Stapp: Proof of LifeScott Stapp – “Proof of Life” – This was my album of the Year for 2013. Yes, the man from Creed delivered an album that was both very personal and very relatable.  I enjoyed this album immensely and have just devoured it since the day it came out.  I can’t say enough positive things about this album.  It had great flow from beginning to end and every song moved me in some way.  He was not afraid to talk about Jesus and his faith in this album and I applaud him for it.  It was the album I never knew he was capable of delivering.  My favorite songs were “Only One”, “Jesus is a Rockstar”, “Slow Suicide”, “New Day Coming” and “What Would Love Do”…honestly they are all awesome.  I hope he gets his act together and releases more music.  Give this one a listen!!!

Matt Nathanson: Last of the Great PrentendersMatt Nathanson – “Last of the Great Pretenders”.  I have been a fan of his for awhile and he delivered another great album.  He is such a consistent performer and writer and I just enjoy every thing he does.  He is one of the better Singer/Songwriters out there right now and should be blowing up the charts.  Some of my favorites from the album are “Kinks Shirt”, “Last Days of Summer in San Francisco”, “Earthquake Weather” and “Annie’s Always Waiting (For the Next One to Leave)”.  See my artist profile on him here.

Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell (Part 1 & 2)Five Finger Death Punch – “The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell (Volume 1 & 2).  This is probably the heaviest album I have listened to in awhile and I loved every minute of it.  If I was in a pissy mood, this was the album played.  I am not sure how to describe them but they are definitely Heavy and definitely Metal and definitely AWESOME!!!  My favorite songs are the remake of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”, “M.I.N.E. (End This Way)”, “Lift Me Up (w/ Rob Halford)” “Wrong Side of Heaven” and “Battle Born”

Katy Perry - PrismKaty Perry – “Prism”.  After going so heavy, I thought I would go to the other end of the spectrum with Kathy Perry.  I actually enjoyed this album. The songs were catchy and the album was a little more grown up from her last couple albums.  With some darker songs like “Dark Horse” and “By the Grace of God”, I felt it was a more personal album and I enjoy it when an artist sings about their life because it makes me able to connect more with it.  My favorite song on the album was “Unconditional” which is how we should all Love!!  Other standouts “It Takes Two”, “Walking on Air” and “Roar”.

Filter - The Sun Comes Out TonightFilter – “The Sun Comes Out Tonight”.  Filter does it again with another solid album.  It is unusual for a group to be together for so long and still deliver great albums and they just keep getting better and better.  It is the classic Filter sound.  I can’t get enough of “We Hate It When You Get What You Want”, “It’s Got To Be Right Now” and “This Finger’s For You”.  I also enjoyed “What Do You Say” and “Self Inflicted”.  Too bad I can’t stand their latest release.


Hollywood Undead - Notes From the UndergroundHollywood Undead – “Notes From the Underground”.  These guys bring a rock, hip hop and various other genres together in one tight package.  I am not sure how to describe them, but I know I like and listen to them frequently and that is enough for me.  Standouts – “Dead Bites”, “Believe”, “Another Way Out” and “We Are”.  Check them out.

7Eventh Time Down - Just Say Jesus7Eventh Time Down – “Just Say Jesus”. Obviously a Christian Rock Band with that title and one of the better ones out there.  This is their 2nd album and might be better than the first.  The title song “Just Say Jesus” and my favorite.  One day driving to work, I put the song on repeat and listened to it the whole way!  I was screaming JUST SAY JESUS in the car and I am sure people were looking at me funny, but WHO CARES!!!  They also sound a little like Daughtry which is probably another reason why I like them.  The other great songs are “The One I’m Running To”, “Hurricanes”, “Renegade” and “Religious and Famous”

Daughtry - BaptizedDaughtry – “Baptized”.  I think I just mentioned Daughtry…hmm. Their new album is quite different than their last one.  A little slower and not as rocking but still great none the less.  I actually like the change of pace.  “Waiting for Superman” was the first single and I think sets the pace for the album.  Some of my favorites are “Battleships”, “Long Live Rock and Roll”, “I’ll Fight”, “Broken Arrows” and “Baptized”.  If you are fan of Daughtry, it is worth picking up.

W.E.T. - Rise UpW.E.T. – “Rise Up”.  W.E.T. consists of 3 members from 3 different bands (that you probably have never heard of but I have all their albums).  Includes Jeff Scott Soto on vocals (from Talisman) and members from Work of Art and Eclipse.  The combination is a great rock album.   My favorite songs are “Walk Away”, “Rise Up”, “Love Heals” “Broken Wings” and “Learn To Live Again”.

Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 ExperimentJustin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience.  The 20/20 Experience was two separate albums and I think each album on their own weren’t very overwhelming, but if you took the best from both and made it one album (which I did) you have a great album.  One thing I have found with Justin is that he loves to make his songs 6 to 7 minutes long which is unusual.  I tend to find I like the radio versions better since they shorten them, but that isn’t always the case.  “Mirrors” is probably the best song he has done in a long time.  “Suit & Tie” was a song that grew on me over time and it keeps getting better.  Other standouts include “TKO”, “Take Back the Night”, “Let the Groove Get In’ and “Drink You Away”

Honorable Mentions:

Emphatic -  Emphatic – Another Life

The Winery Dogs - The Winery Dogs  The Winery Dogs – The Winery Dogs

Will Hoge - Never Give In  Will Hoge – Never Give In

Tom Keifer - The Way Life Goes  Tom Keifer – The Way Life Goes

The Piano Guys - The Piano Guys 2  The Piano Guys – The Piano Guys 2

Parachute - Overnight  Parachute – Overnight

The Wild Feathers - The Wild Feathers  The Wild Feathers – The Wild Feathers

The Poodles - Tour De Foce  The Poodles – Tour De Foce

Degreed - We Don't Belong  Degreed – We Don’t Belong


Britney Spears - Britney Jean  Britney Spears – Britney Jean.  What a disappointing album after her last album.  This was the most dull and lifeless album.  I think I listened to it once or twice and then discarded it.  Sad.

Bon Jovi - What About Now  Bon Jovi – What About Now.  Well Bon Jovi, What about now…now you suck!  Too much ego and not enough Richie Sambora.  Bon Jovi is not Bon Jovi without Richie Sambora.  Enough Said!!!

13 thoughts on “#TBT – My Favorite Albums from 2013

    1. Right there with you. The last 3 albums or so have been the same album with just the titles of the songs changed. Nothing new and exciting. Richie Sambora is working with Orianthi and I am interested in what those two do together.

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      1. I have a feeling it won’t be hard rock but that’s OK. It will have loads more integrity than Bon Jovi’s new one I’m sure.

        The last Bon Jovi that I legitimately loved was Bounce and that’s over 10 years now.

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  1. Really enjoy these posts! I gave up on Bon Jovi after The Circle so I’ve still not heard ‘What About Now” or “Burning Bridges”. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing much?

    2013’s picks for me would have been Darkthrone’s ‘The Underground Resistance’, Avatarium’s debut and Hell’s ‘Curse and Chapter’. Quite a heavy year for me… lots of good stuff!


  2. Your music tastes are as eclectic as mine! Five Finger Death Punch and Katy Perry on the same list – lol. Am a fan of Daughtry, Matt Nathanson & Justin T, but not familiar with some of the artists you list, further proof that there is just far too much music for me to even try and keep up with! I love the Filter song; their lead singer sounds like Ryan Panfil of indie rock band Everlit. Some of my favorite albums from 2013 were “I Love You.” from The Neighbourhood, “In A Tidal Wave of Mystery” from Capital Cities, and “Melophobia” from Cage the Elephant.

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