Friday New Releases – June 24th

Thank goodness it is Friday.  What a week.  Work has been crazy so I can’t wait to listen to some new music.  Not much this week I am excited about, but there are a few I want to hear (and they are in blue).

  • 61n0bf2bvYL._AC_US160_  The Avett Brothers – True Sadness – (Republic) – Not familiar with them, but I heard the new song “Ain’t No Man” and thought it was great.  Now I want to listen to the whole thing.
  • 51SwkI3oI5L._AC_US160_  Dorothy – ROCKISDEAD – (Roc Nation) – Another band I am not familiar with but the first single is awesome and peaked my interest.  This might be my drive into work album and I will save the Avett Brothers for the drive home.

  • 61DlvaEJmzL._AC_US160_  Steve Vai – Modern Primitive / Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Edition – (Legacy).  Passion & Warfare was an incredible album and I can’t believe it has been 25 years.  I can’t wait to revisit the songs. And a bonus disc added called Modern Primitive with songs written between 1984-1990 and unreleased.  Steve is such an amazing guitarist and hit solo work is so creative and unbelievably amazing.  Check it out.  Here is a video for one of the new songs.
  • 519sZTyRxTL._AC_US160_  The Dirty Clergy – Rattlesnake – (Happy Daze Records) – I got the pleasure of getting an early release and I am digging this album.  I need to listen to it a few more times before I do a piece on it for the site.  I would have done it for the day of release, but ran out of time. I hate it when my real job gets in the way of my music listening time.  Go check it out.  The video posted is their lead single.  I like its rawness.  Update – Album comes out July 1st.  They released their new single “Decades” today – my mistake.
  • 41ua5A-wxPL._AC_US160_  Neil Young & Promise of the Real – Earth (2CD) – (Reprise)
  • 513r1kCJldL._AC_US160_  Whitechapel – Mark of the Blade – (Metal Blade)
  • 41SKGXX1-DL._AC_US160_  Broods – Conscious – (Capitol)
  • 61c2nD3SqJL._AC_US160_  Rich Robinson – Flux – (Eagle Records)
  • 61OWgqTN8kL._AC_US160_  Foghat – Under the Influence – (Foghat Records)
  • 61ef4Eu1dcL._AC_US160_  Whitford / St. Holmes – Reunion – (Mailboat Records)
  • 51cx94wFGUL._AC_US160_  Rick Astley – 50 – (BMG)
  • 61+AwHF+jfL._AC_US160_  The Rippingtons – True Stories – (Entertainment One Music)

8 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – June 24th

  1. The Vai is a must for me. I recently reviewed the original Passion and Warfare. A remarkable album! It was my first instrumental CD. Rich Robinson and Whitford/St. Holmes are the other two on my radar, but Vai is a must buy. If I see it today I’ll buy it.

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    1. I am listening to Modern Primitive right now at work. So far, so great. Passion and Warfare was what got me started loving Vai. Joe Satriani’s “Surfing with the Alien” was my first instrumental album.

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      1. I just missed on Satriani as my tastes “matured”. I bought Flying in a Blue Dream of his first instead of Surfing, so that doesn’t really count as an instrumental album. Love the Satch today of course!

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