Concerts, Concerts, Concerts – The 90’s

I am going to continue rehashing all the concerts I have been to that I still have the tickets stubs for those shows and even mention shows I remember that I can’t find a ticket stub.  I started off talking about The 80’s (click to read about it), now we will pick up in the 90’s and see what wonderful shows I attended.

The 90’s

The first show for me of this new decade was none other than…KISS!!  It was July 20, 1990 and this time it was at the Coca-Cola Lakewood Amphitheater.  This was a great show.  The opening acts were Danger Danger for sure and the other act was possibly Slaughter.  Not positive on that one. This show got me hooked on Danger Danger so that is why I remember it.  The tour was for the album Hot in the Shade and had a huge Sphinx for the state setup.  Ticket prices were now over $20 at $24 after fees.


On May 27, 1991, it was back to Lakewood to see Poison for their Flesh & Blood World Tour. The opening acts were Slaughter and Bulletboys.  I found someone’s writeup on the show they did in 2010.  Check the link here.  I honestly don’t remember the Bulletboys set at all. I remember Slaughter for sure on this one.


Sometime in 1991, I went to see Aldo Nova while he was touring for his album Blood On the Bricks.  I obtained free tickets from a vendor at the record store where I worked at the time.  The show was incredible, but the coolest things was getting meet Aldo Nova and the band.  I was able to get  an autograph and you can see below.  He was the first famous person I had ever met.


The next show was not until 1992 at the beautiful Chastain Park in Atlanta on July 15, 1992.  This was Summer in Atlanta so needless to say, it was HOT!  We went and saw Doc Severinsen.  If you don’t know who he is, he was the band leader on the Tonight Show for Johnny Carson.  He plays trumpet and has a big band orchestra.  It was such a different show than what I was used to, but I loved every minute of it.


Then it was back to see my favorite band, Def Leppard…again.  They were at the Omni on November 24, 1992.  This was the first leg of the Adrenalize “Seven Day Weekend” Tour.  I don’t remember the opening act and can’t find anything online that says who they were, but it was another great show “In the Round”.


Well, now we skip several years as I have no more tickets stubs until 1996.  However, I know for a fact I was at the Eagles “Hell Freezes Over” Tour in July 1994.  My seats sucked, but I was thrilled to be in the same room as these guys.  This was an event I never thought I would get to experience.  The Eagles were incredible and they all sounded so good.  This is one of my favorite concerts ever.

I also know that on September 2, 1995 I was at the Omni again and this time to see the one and only, Eric Clapton.  He was touring and only doing Blues.  Of course, I didn’t pay attention to this fact and was wondering when he was going to sing “Layla” or something I recognized.  Regardless, he is a true music legend and was so worth seeing.  I am glad to say I saw him live.  I wish I had a ticket stub, but I have the memories!

1996 was a very good year.  Kiss reunited with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.  The make-up came back on and they did a massive tour.  I am glad to say that on October 1st, I got to see them finally in their make-up. I never thought I would get to see that and I never thought I would get to see Ace & Peter.  My dreams were fulfilled.  It was such an amazing show and to see them do what they do best.  Gene looked so much more comfortable back in the make-up and the blood and fire spitting were back in full force.  The opening act was the Verve Pipe.  Yeah, don’t remember their set at all.  The ticket price was $42 with fees, but I paid nothing  as my sister-in-law worked for the company that built the Omni so were in their box.


Two months later on December 11, 1996, I got some more free tickets from my sister-in-law.  This time the concert was one of the best concerts I have ever seen.  It was Rush!  There was no opening act and it was all Rush!!  They played “2112” in its entirety which mind blowing!!  This was one of those shows you never forget.


June 7, 1997 it was on to see John Mellencamp.  This was back to Chastain Park for his Mr. Happy Go Lucky Tour. He played all the hits and put on a great show.  The ticket prices have now skyrocketed to a massive $51 plus fees.  Crazy.  This is the last ticket stub I have for the 90’s.


I know if another show I went to on September 30, 1998.  It was at the BiLo center in Greenville, SC.  I was there doing an audit and we were trying to find something to do that night.  We saw the Elton John was in town.  It was the day of the show so we didn’t expect to get any good seats.  Well, we were wrong.  We got 2nd row to the left of center stage.  The seats were right in front of his piano!!  The best seats I think I have had to any show and what a show it was.  The 90’s did give me some of my favorite concerts.  I don’t know what the seats cost because the company picked them up and I am sure they billed them to the audit client.

Also during the 90’s, Atlanta had an awesome music fest that happened multiple years called Music Midtown.  I went several years and easily saw at least 6 bands each day.  They had bands that were big in the 90’s, 80’s and even some 70’s bands.  It was always a blast.

I think that pretty much sums up the 90’s for me.  I will do the final post in the series next week which will cover the 2000’s.  I hope you enjoyed this look back.

10 thoughts on “Concerts, Concerts, Concerts – The 90’s

  1. Carson was the guy I watched every night or if I didn’t I would tape it….Carson always ribbed Doc about his wardrobe and such….great stuff…
    Poison I saw in Jan 91 with Dokken opening and Dokken flat out stole the show….
    Cool you and a bunch of bands right in your backyard(hometown ) so to speak…
    Where I live( Thunder Bay) we would get the Canadian Acts in there prime and the American Acts after there prime. i.e…..REO Speedwagon played here in July of 1991 for $2 at our local fair…
    Me and my friends would have to drive 9 hrs to Winnipeg….or drive 3 hours to Duluth….6 hours to Minnieapolis….10 hours to Milwaukee….or fly to Toronto….those were our options to see the Bands of the day….
    We did of course and had a great time but man we burned a lot of miles….
    Great Post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Between this post and the 80s gigs, I get the impression that you might like KISS. And cheers for sharing some more memories – some great shows there, by the looks and sounds of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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