The Top 20 Songs of Ratt

The band Ratt has been in the news a lot lately and not all in a good way. First with Stephen Pearcy releasing a great new solo album.  And second, the Ratt band mates have been feuding over who owns the band name.  It is sad and disgusting.  To me, Ratt is Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini, Bobby Blotzer, Robbin Crosby and Juan Croucier.  But the band is now two bands fighting over the name.

In one corner you have Stephen Pearcy, Warren MeMartini & Juan Croucier.  The other corner you have Bobby Blotzer.  Robbin Crosby passed away in 2002 and luckily isn’t witnessing this fiasco.  Based on what I have read, Bobby Blotzer will probably lose and Ratt will be with Stephen, Warren and Juan, but what do I know I am not an attorney.

Any other version is a cover band…sorry Bobby that is all your version would look like.  Plus, you were never a song writer on any of the songs so the Ratt sound and style didn’t come from you so not sure I would ever check out your version of Ratt.  I am sorry that was mean.  There were actually 2 songs you have writing credits on and your drumming in the band was actually great.  I still feel your version is a cover band though!!!

Because of them being in the news, I have been listening to their music and I realized they have a lot of great songs.  I figured why not do a list of my Top 20 Ratt songs.  I have gone through all their albums and I feel I have the definitive list of Ratt songs.  I was hoping to have songs from every Ratt album, but their 1999, self-titled reunion album sucked so much that I could  not in good faith include any songs.  Collage was a compilation of rarities and b-sides but mostly stuff from pre-Ratt and I wanted to stick with the main Ratt era.  Otherwise, here the Top 20 Ratt songs.

20. “Tell The World” off the album Ratt E.P.(1983):  The song is off their first ever release and I wanted to pick a song of that release and since this was the one that is still in my library, I had to select this song.

19. “I’m Insane” off the album Out of the Cellar (1984):  I think I liked this song so much because I felt it everyone was a little insane so they could have been talking to me.  I also really liked the little guitar solo.

18. “Top Secret” off the album Detonator (1990):  The last song on the album and a great way to end the album.  The song had a cool vibe to it and the style was a little different than normal for them and added to its appeal.  If I am not mistaken, the song is actually a re-work of an old Mickey Ratt song prior to when Ratt was jut Ratt.

17.  “You’re In Love” off the album Invasion of Your Privacy (1985):  The second single off the album, but not as great as as their first single.  It still holds up as a classic Ratt song thanks to the overall guitar work by Warren DeMartini.

16. “One Step Away” off the album Detonator (1990): I little love song from the band, but not as slow as most power ballads.  It was a little more Pop than other songs and yet I still liked it.  It was nice to see the softer side of Ratt.

15. “Nobody Rides for Free” from the album Point Break Soundtrack (1991):  The song was on the soundtrack for the movie Point Break and was perfect for the movie.  The band also released it on their first greatest hits compilation Ratt & Roll 8191.

14. “Wanted Man” from the album Out of the Cellar (1984):  Ratt goes western in the video and the song does have that whole cowboy vibe.  It was a great song that was slightly different than the rest of the songs on the album and it was nice to see them not completely stick to the same thing over and over.

13. “Looking for Love” off the album Dancing Undercover (1988):  The thing I liked on this song was Robin Crosby.  The guitar solo and the chorus just struck a chord with me.  I would catch myself singing the song all the time and when it played I air guitared his solo.

12. “Lack of Communication” off the album Out of the Cellar (1984):  The band really had a great debut album with Out of the Cellar as this was another classic from the album.  This was the opening track on side 2 of the cassette I had and I wore it out.  I don’t think I can say enough great things about the lead guitarist Warren DeMartini.  He was a teenager at this time I believe and he was incredible.  He was the guitar sound of the band.

11. “I Want A Woman” off the album Reach for the Sky” (1988):  I loved how the song open with the distorted “Come On Baby”.  Although the overall album wasn’t as great as their last 3, this was one of the shining stars on the album that kept me coming back to the album.

10. “Dance” off the album Dancing Undercover (1986):  The opening song showed you could dance and still rock out.  I was worried at first with the title that they might change up their sound to much, but they didn’t.  The song also appeared in an episode of Miami Vice.

9. “Shame, Shame, Shame” off the album Detonator (1990):  The intro to the song is what helps make this song so special.  It starts off slow and then just rips into the song.  The Spanish subtitle version for the video was all I could find of the original video.

8. “Eat Me Up Alive” off the album Infestation (2010):  The opening track to their brief comeback album and what a strong song to start it all off.  It was hard rocking and spoke volumes that they had not lost their touch.

7. “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job” off the album Detonator (1990):  I loved the grittiness of the song and who hasn’t had a woman that you felt this way. The whole album’s production was turned up a notch with Desmond Child at the helm.

6. “Way Cool Jr.” off the album Reach for the Sky (1988):  The song was so cool (no pun intended) and very different from their normal songs that it instantly drew me to it.  The whole style and vibe was a nice change of direction.

5. “Lay It Down” off the album Invasion of Your Privacy (1985):  The opening guitar riff is what did it for me on this one.  This was the first single off their sophomore album and it proved to me that Ratt was for real and would be around a few more years.  The clown at the beginning of the video is very disturbing…no wonder I hate clowns.

4. “Can’t Wait On Love” off the album Detonator (1990): My favorite off the band’s best album Detonator and the fifth song in the list from this album.  I love the high energy and the song rocked out.  The chorus was memorable and catchy and along with a great guitar solo, it was perfect.

3. “Best of Me” off the album Infestation (2010):  I can’t believe I have this as high as I do, but it was so awesome to hear a new album from them in 2010 and it be so incredible.  It brought back the Ratt sound I knew and loved from the beginning.  It was such a surprise and instantly became a favorite.

2. “Round & Round” off the album Out of the Cellar (1984):  This was the song that started it all for Ratt.  It was a huge hit on MTV in large part to the video starring the late, great Milton Berle and Milton Berle in drag.  What more could you want in a video.  It is the classic Ratt sound and a great introduction into the band.

#1 Ratt Song – “Body Talk” off the album Dancing Undercover (1986):

The song is by far my favorite Ratt song of them all.  The song completely rocked out and the production value was incredible.  Warren’s guitar solo was exceptional and the drums pounded throughout.  The song was also featured in the Eddie Murphy movie, ‘Golden Child’ which added to its value.

There you have it.  My favorite Ratt songs.  I hope the band gets their act together with their name dispute and the real Ratt puts out more music.  I would buy that!!

29 thoughts on “The Top 20 Songs of Ratt

    1. Thanks. I would never forget Body Talk! And yes, Bobby’s cover band of Ratt sucks. I find it funny that Great White without Jack Russell opened for The original Ratt the other night since they are having the same legal battles.

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  1. Great Picks! Cool to see Dancing Cover well represented! I always loved 7th Avenue as that whole album sounds like they smashed it out in a week. I have always said that Ratt had a real good run of albums in the 80s…no 3/4’s Filler around Ratt’s stuff…

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  2. Way Cool Jr, Dance, Shame, Shame, Shame. Great stuff, DeMartini is a genius. Saw the Invasion tour back in 1985, Bon Jovi opened in support of their 7800 Fahrenheit Album (Tokyo Rose was the only hit off that), Ratt blew the roof off.

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  3. Cool post! And good on ya for being able to choose. I don;t know enough about the band to be able to talk about your choices, so I’ll say Good Job!

    Also, does Ratt have a Hits set? How close is your set of picks to theirs?

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    1. There a couple hits collection. Personally I like Ratt & Roll 81-91. It will be the closest to match my list, but not exactly. I have two songs from their most recent album that won’t be on it and and maybe a couple others that it won’t have. But that would give you a great collection of hits.


  4. The solo on Looking For Love was played by Robin Crosby, not Warren Demartini as implied by your review. Great list. Agree with your #1 pick. I would have What’s it Going to Be and Morning After on there as well as Scratch that Itch (they hit a real rock and roll groove during the verses). Too bad Detonator didn’t go big like Dr Feelgood. They were one year late on its release .

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