Friday New Releases – April 7th

We are now into April and the releases are still coming fast and furious.  There is a little something for everyone today and I am sure you will find something you like.  We have pop, rock, metal, country, alternative, christian, classical, techno…basically the whole gamut of genres.  My interests are focused on the ones highlighted in Blue.

  • 170x170bb-3  Michelle Branch – Hopeless Romantic – (Verve Label Group):  Michelle Branch??  Am I reading that correctly?  It has been over 14 years since she has had a full length solo album.  She had an E.P. in 2010, but not since 2003 has she had a full length studio album.  This one definitely has me intrigued.  I can’t wait to hear what she has to offer.

  • 610grn7amsl-_ac_us160_  Deep Purple – InFinite – (Earmusic):  Deep Purple just keep on going after almost 50 years.  This is their twentieth studio release and quite possibly their last “Big” tour, whatever that means.  I think the band members currently (after many iterations) is Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Steve Morse and Don Alrey.  Looking forward to this release after hearing some great things about the album.

  • 170x170bb  Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. IV – Classics – (RCA Records):  Pentatonix are a guilty pleasure.  I am embarrassed to say I like them as they bring nothing new to the table and seldom if any original material, but I do enjoy their vocals and that is the only reason to like them.  When I am in those moods where I don’t need anything too heavy, I go here. Which actually isn’t that often, but does happen.

  • 170x170bb-29  Mike + The Mechanics – Let Me Fly – (BMG):  The last one that peaks my interest for an early listen is Mike + The Mechanics.  This release was a total surprise as I didn’t know they were still together and releasing albums.  Add even more to my surprise and this is their 9th album. I didn’t know they put anything out since 1991.  I will give it a listen.

  • 170x170bb  The Chainsmokers – Memories…Do Not Open – (Disruptor Records)
  • 170x170bb (95)  Bethel Music – Starlight (Live) – (Bethel Music)
  • 170x170bb  Deez Nuts – Binge & Purgatory – (Century Media Records)
  • 170x170bb-85  Falling in Reverse – Coming Home – (Epitaph)
  • 170x170bb1  Harlott – Extinction – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 170x170bb-42  Father John Misty – Pure Comedy – (Sub Pop Records)
  • 170x170bb (90)  Royal Thunder – Wick – (Spinefarm Records)
  • 170x170bb (92)  Brian May & Kerry Ellis – Golden Days – (Duck Productions)
  • 170x170bb-10  The New Pornographers – Whiteout Conditions – (New P’s LLC)
  • 170x170bb-21  Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer – Bach Trios – (Nonesuch Records)
  • 170x170bb  The Whiskey Gentry – Dead Ringer – (Pitch-A-Tent)
  • 170x170bb-32  Kevin Eubanks – East West Time Line – (Mack Avenue Records II)
  • 170x170bb-57  Joey Bada$$ – All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ – (Pop Era / Cinematic Music Group)
  • 170x170bb-58  The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely – (8123)
  • 170x170bb-60  Cold War Kids – La Divine – (CWKTWO Corp)
  • 170x170bb-63  Tech N9ne Collabos – Dominion – (Strange Music, Inc.)
  • 51Xy+hYhvYL._AC_US218_  Joey Feek – If Not For You – (Gaither Music Group)

9 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – April 7th

  1. The New Pornographers release is the one I’m looking forward to most and I’m intrigued by the Deep Purple album. Feels like the Father John Misty album had already been released given how much I’ve heard about it (his stuff tends to be met with a great deal of fanfare!) and I actually wasn’t aware that Cold War Kids were still on the go!

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  2. The amount of new music being released continues to astonish me! Simply cannot keep up with it all. Seems like a lot of throwbacks coming out with new music, and good for them! I too had wondered whatever happened to Michelle Branch, as I thought she had a marvelous voice. This new song of hers is pretty decent. But seriously…Deep Purple?! Well, what the hell, if the Stones could put out a new album recently, so can Deep Purple! And who’d have thought Mike + the Mechanics were still making music?

    The one I’m excited about is LA Divine. I really like Cold War Kids, and heard a live in-studio performance by them this past week on our local NPR station that was excellent. They even did an awesome cover of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain.”


  3. Such a big fan of Mike & The Mechanics recent album. I love it from start to finish and it made me dig out their discography. Must dust off the half-finished post in my Drafts about “Let Me Fly” ..

    Also took a listen to Brian May + Kerry Ellis but not a fan of Cover albums in general.

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    1. I will have to check out the Mike & the Mechanics album. Until I did this post back in April, I didn’t even know they were still together. Not much publicity here in the States.


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