Def Leppard – And There Will Be A Next Time…Live From Detroit (2017)

Part 3 of the Def Leppard Live Series is ‘And There Will Be A Next Time…Live From Detroit’.  This the latest released from Def Leppard and sparked my reason behind reviewing all three of the Live albums they have released.  The other two are as follows:

‘And There Will Be A Next Time…’ was recorded back over the Summer of 2016 in Detroit, MI (obviously) in support of their album that was simply titled ‘Def Leppard’.  The release was in both CD form and in Blue Ray / DVD and consisted of 17 tracks.  The track listing is below:


CD One:

  1. “Let’s Go”
  2. “Animal”
  3. “Let It Go”
  4. “Dangerous”
  5. “Foolin'”
  6. “Love Bites”
  7. “Armageddon It”
  8. “Rock On”
  9. “Man Enough”

CD Two:

  1. “Rocket”
  2. “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak
  3. “Switch 625”
  4. “Hysteria”
  5. “Let’s Get Rocked”
  6. “Pour Some Sugar On Me”
  7. “Rock of Ages”
  8. “Photograph”

Both the CD and Blue Ray have the same track listing so you aren’t missing anything with the CD version of the show.  Since that is the case I am actually reviewing both at the same time.  On the review of the Live Albums, I have been focusing on the songs that are not on the other releases and the ones I like the best out of the three releases.  I also point out a few things I might not like so I will do the same here.

We will start out with what does this release have that the other two don’t?  Sadly, not much at all.  The only songs not on the other releases are the three songs they play from their self-titled album.  That is right…out of 17 songs, only 3 are not on the other two. That is a little disappointing.

The songs were “Let’s Go”, “Dangerous” and “Man Enough”.  The do a great job on all three; however, I didn’t like “Let’s Go” as an opening song for a show.  I felt it likes the punch as say a “Stagefright” or “Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)”.

“Dangerous” was great live.  That song fits nicely into their set and I would love to see that played whenever I catch them again.  “Man Enough” is an okay enough song, but not one that should stay in their setlist outside of this tour.


As far as what songs were better on this one then any of the other two releases, I can’t say there are any that were superior.  They were all just as good, no doubt…but not better.  The show itself was very similar to the Viva! Hysteria stage setup.  And when they played “Rocket” and “Love Bites” it was the same video playing in the background.  “Hysteria” also had a picture montage although they did update the pictures.

All-in-all, although a great live concert, it would be the last one I would choose between the three.  ‘Mirror Ball’ had a few better songs in the setlist and they had the 3 unreleased songs to go with it.  One of the only things about ‘And There Will Be A Next Time’ over ‘Mirror Ball’ is the fact there is a full concert video.  That was definitely lacking from ‘Mirror Ball’.


The other plus to the Blue Ray is the bonus of getting all the music videos released for their album ‘Def Leppard’.  You got two versions of “Let’s Go”, the lyric video and official release.  You also got one for “Dangerous”, “Man Enough” and “We Belong” (a personal favorite of the four songs).

On the video, I did find it rather hilarious that when the show started all the members come out all fresh, clean and not sweating.  I look at Phil Collen and he looks like he is already sweating profusely.  I quickly realized that he wasn’t sweating.  He had actually greased himself up to draw attention to his chest and abs.  As I said on the ‘Viva! Hysteria’ review, he is proud of that body for a man of his tender young age of around 60.

Outside of that all that, there is nothing else to really point out except I am not saying this is a bad release.  Absolutely not.  On its own, it is exceptional live recording.  The band is crisp and sharp and play incredibly.  It was nice to see Vivian seem to be healthy and having a great time.  Since I am rating all three Live releases, this one just doesn’t provide enough uniqueness to stand out between the three.


If this is the only live album you get from them, you won’t be disappointed.  As a diehard fan, I love it.  I just can’t rate it as tops compared to ‘Mirror Ball’ and there is no comparison to ‘Viva! Hysteria’.  That release is the one you have to have no matter what.

So there you have it…the final review in the series.  I am interested to hear which one is your favorite, so drop me a comment and let me know.  As Joe Elliott says at the end of his shows…”Until next time…And There Will Be A Next Time…”



17 thoughts on “Def Leppard – And There Will Be A Next Time…Live From Detroit (2017)

  1. I still haven’t bought this one… it sounds entertaining enough but with just the 3 new songs on it, I don’t feel all that in a hurry to get it. Not even that keen on the new songs they chose. Dangerous is ok but the other two are a bit meh!

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  2. Without having heard it yet….

    I agree, Let’s Go is not really an opening song like the others.

    I too also look for tracks not on other releases, so this isn’t the kind of live album that I love, like Viva was.

    Great series!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was disappointed hearing “Dangerous” live when we saw them in Syracuse, NY last June. I love that song and was so looking forward to hearing it. It sounded nothing like the recorded song. Joe’s voice isn’t what it used to be, and for some reason on that song that night, his lack of range really stood out. The other songs were fine. Just that one missed the mark for me. Is this only available in CD and Blueray then? I don’t have a Blueray player. Bummer.

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