Friday New Releases – June 30th

It is the last Friday of June and I have vacation time coming my way.  Not much coming out this week and thankfully that is the case as I won’t have time much over the next week to listen to anything.  The ones I am curious about are highlighted in Blue.  Hopefully you find something you like…if so, let me know.

  • 170x170bb-48  Stone Sour – Hydrograd – (Roadrunner Records):  Corey Taylor (from Slipnot) and crew are back with their sixth studio album.  Talk is this will be more of a straight up rock and roll record which I am not sure what that will mean, but we will see what their definition of a Rock & Roll record is.  Looking forward to giving it a spin.

  • 51u9Y6CGJ8L._AC_US218_  Don Barnes – Ride the Storm – (MelodicRock Records):  Don Barnes from .38 Special finally gets to release his solo album from 1989.  Thanks to MelodicRock Records (&  I am eager to hear what we missed from so long ago.  Apparently the album was never released due to the label (A&M Records) being sold.  I don’t know if it got lost in the shuffle or it wasn’t good enough that the new company didn’t want to release it.  We will soon find out.

  • 51GgqHi3HHL._AC_US218_  Bryan Adams – Wembley Live 1996 (2CD Set) – (Eagle Rock Entertainment):  I love Bryan Adams so I am willing to listen to a live album by him as I will listen to most anything by him.  It will be interesting to listen back to 1996 and revisit those songs.

  • 170x170bb-56  TLC – TLC – (Musiq):  TLC was absolutely fantastic back in the day.  This is their first album without Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez and I am not sure what to expect.  I am sure it will be great, but there will be something missing without Lisa.  Here’s to hoping for a great record.

  • 61zC2h6gHDL._AC_US218_  The Beach Boys – 1967 Sunshine Tomorrow – (Capitol Records):  Apparently there are still unreleased versions of Beach Boys songs and now we have a 2 CD set of those releases.
  • 170x170bb  ZZ Ward – The Storm – (Hollywood Records)
  • 170x170bb-53  LANY – LANY – (Side Street Entertainment)
  • 170x170bb-63  Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces, Vol. 1 – (Sony Music)

14 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – June 30th

      1. I purchased the Adams on iTunes. Sounds decent! Good track listing except for ….well Wait for the review!
        Dunno about Stone Sour …don’t know why …crap answer but thats all I got!

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  1. The BA one is an odd choice for release – I suppose it’s the 21st anniversary and was at his peak. It’s not too bad as far as setlists go but I don’t think the sound quality is as sharp as it can be

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  2. Not much for me here, I’m afraid… never really listened to Stone Sour, but I have a friend that likes them. My money will be spent on the new Danny & The Champions of the World release that landed today. Hopefully pick it up this weekend!

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      1. They’re an Americana outfit. Last two albums were heavily influenced by some blue eyed soul. The reviews for this suggest some different vibes (one suggested Skynyrd type moments of brilliance).

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