Friday New Releases – August 18th

Welcome to another Friday of new releases.  There is not a whole lot I am interested in and might give one or two a listen (highlighted in Blue) but still undecided.  Next week will have more to offer.  Hopefully there is something here for you.  Since there isn’t many, I will leave some videos for a number of the artist so you can try them out.

  • 51IGBakil2L._AC_US218_  Nathan Angelo – A Matter of Time – (Nathan Angelo Music):  Nathan Angelo is a singer/songwriter and more on the pop side. I have liked some of his older offerings, so if I am in the mood, I will throw this on and give it a spin.

  • 51jN2sjEiQL._AC_US218_  Steven Wilson – To The Bone – (SW Records):  I am not familiar with Steven Wilson, but this song was good and has peaked my interest a little.  Maybe I will play this one as well.

  • 61yHat6ma3L._AC_US218_  Thy Art is Murder – Dear Desolation – (Nuclear Blast Entertainment)

  • 514cyS8JJ1L._AC_US218_  KMFDM – Hell Yeah – (earMusic)

  • 41UbNzEo3pL._AC_US218_  Ray Wylie Hubbard – Tell the Devil I’m Gettin’ There as Fast as I Can – (Bordello Records)

  • download-3  Josh Abbott Band – Until My Voice Gives Out – (Pretty Damn Tough Records)

  • 51XJea1LZNL._AC_US218_  Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins – (RCA Records)

  • 51+XquPrNFL._AC_US218_  The Blind Boys of Alabama – Almost Home – (BBOA Records)
  • 61yDxMHOjTL._AC_US160_  Loretta Lynn – Wouldn’t It Be Great – (Legacy)

14 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – August 18th

  1. Yeah not much out the perks my interest!
    Whitesnake 30th hopefully will be good….The stuff with Sykes will be cool.
    Guess i would be more pumped if Sykes was involved….

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    1. Yes, I wish Sykes was involved, but I will get it anyway. The new releases start picking up around Sept 8th and they don’t slow down for quite awhile after that. I just did the Sept 8th post and there are a bunch I want.

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  2. Absolutely huge fan of Steven Wilson, knowing him from Porcupine Tree and all his other associated works, also including his production work.

    Already had listened to his new album about 10 times, definitely a different direction than what he’s done before, but it’s awesome all the same.


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