Friday New Releases – December 1st

We are now in December and only 24 more days until Christmas.  Here are some great gifts to give…new album releases!!!  There is a wide variety of music this week so there might be something for everyone today.  My picks are highlighted in Blue.  What do you see that you like and want to get from Santa???  Let me know. Also, if you want to purchase an album, you can easily click on the link below the album and it will take you straight to iTunes.

  • 91wwrHTyssL._AC_UL115_  Chris Stapleton – From A Room: Volume 2 – (Mercury Nashville):  I am so glad there is a Volume 2 because ‘From A Room: Volume 1’ was sensational.  I am looking forward to what he taps into for this one because if it is anything like the outlaw country / southern rock vibe of the first one, you will be in for a treat.

  • 616S2tyrKrL._SS500  Down ‘N Outz – The Further Live Adventures of… – (Frontier Records):  Joe Elliott from Def Leppard returns with his side project that celebrates the music of Mott the Hoople, British Lions & Ian Hunter.  This time it is a live concert and another reminder of how great their music was.  It deserves to be celebrated.  As a Joe fan, no brainer for me.

  • 612x6ZpiPtL._AC_US436_QL65_  Five Finger Death Punch – A Decade of Destruction – (Prospect Park):  I love me some Five Finger Death Punch and to have a greatest hits album that actually has 2 new songs…sign me up.  The give you the perfect soundtrack for when you get angry driving down the road and heck anytime you get angry.

  • A1BdwfijrLL._AC_UL115_  Deuce – Invincible – (Better Noise Records):  Deuce is back with this second full length album.  The former Hollywood Undead bass player and singer is back with another album.  What I have heard is pretty good and looking forward to the rest.

  • A1q19PD5MKL._SX522_  U2 – Songs of Experience – (Island Records):  Don’t know if I care, but they have another album. Will they force it on us like the last time…seriously doubt it.  Let’s hope for something better for a change.

  • 61AlDu4m0pL._SS500  Pretty Boy Floyd – Public Enemies – (Frontier Records)
  • 61h8xooyCJL._SS500  Andy Grammer – The Good Parts – (BMG Music)
  • 615L9L1E5jL._SS500  Operation Mindcrime – The New Reality – (Frontier Records)
  • 51eMMt2X7KL._SS500  Pitbull – Greatest Hits – (RCA Records)
  • 71EIcTcD5VL._AC_UL115_  Van Morrison – Versatile – (Exile Productions)
  • 61sim7lPQhL._SS500  Ella Fitzgerald – Ella at Zardi’s (Live at Zardi’s/1956) – (A Verve Records)
  • 71pK5B3a6bL._AC_UL115_  The Rolling Stones – On Air – (Promotone AV)
  • 61FsQbICP-L._SY300_QL70_  Miguel – War & Leisure – (By Storm Entertainment / RCA)

40 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – December 1st

  1. I read about new U2 yesterday… or at least I saw the headline and the 4/5 star rating. Again, touted as a ‘return to their roots’?

    Stapleton… I just don’t get it. As Americana UK summed him up recently… the man that puts the meh in Americana. I think there are far better acts out there. That’s just my opinion, though.

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    1. I will probably check out U2 at some poin no rush though.

      To me Stapleton is more country than any of the garbage that is on the radio. This bro-country crap sucks so bad I cant’ stand it. Stapleton at least brings back a little of the old school country, some outlaw mixed with a little blues and southern rock. The way it should be…at least for me anyway. With all that being said, this one is not as good as Volume 1. It is meh like you said. Too slow and depressing. Not enough upbeat stuff.

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      1. Yeah – aside from a few acts, most mainstream country is pop. My default setting is to stay clear of it. But there are folks on the fringes doing proper edgy country… stuff with heart. I just don’t believe Stapleton.

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          1. Ignoring Sturgill (cause I’m not big on the direction of the newest album), there’s great stuff to be found from Zephaniah Ohora, Jason Eady, Colter Wall, as well as more established folk like Justin Townes Earle, Jason Isbell, Patterson Hood, Sam Outlaw, Ags Connolly… Jaime Wyatt… Austin Lucas… Glossary. Speaking of, Joey Kneiser has some free stuff out there. Loads of good stuff.

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  2. I wasn’t hugely offended by the last U2 marketing angle to give everyone a free album. Then I listened to it. They seriously damaged their image with that move. The backlash was disproportionate but also predictable.

    I have loved that band at points in the past but am totally ambivalent to any new music from them at this stage.

    Hail Santa!

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    1. They did hurt themselves with that last album, but I am not sure I get the uproar. So, they wanted to give you an album for free, I don’t see the big deal. I guess the automatic push to your device was probably the real issue. They should have just set it up to go the site and download for free. people might have appreciated that more I guess.

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  3. New U2 for me. Bought it as a Christmas present for my Dad, who (sort of) got me into the band.

    From what I’ve listened to so far it’s really good, easily better than their last one.

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  4. Years ago the New Years Eve countdown show was on and Pitbull was coming up.
    My family and I watched it. I think I lost 3 years of my life during his set.
    Possibly one of the worst singers I have ever heard.
    Definate studio trickery on his albims.

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  5. I’ll take an express order of that Stones BBC set, please! 🙂

    Also, happy to see Van Morrison has another record. It probably sounds the same as the last few, but do we really care at this point? No we do not. It’s Van Morrison. Buy it, play it, love it!

    As for U2, I’m a registered, card-carrying Apathy Towards U2* member in good standing. I’m sure it’ll sell truckloads. I couldn’t care less!

    * Membership in this orgnization of one includes full understanding and all deference to their fans who love them and are excited about the band’s music in this day and age. Go get it if you want it, by all means. But I’ll pass, thanks.

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    1. I have gotten around to streaming the Stones one. It is on my list.

      For me, Van and U2 don’t excite me anymore. I really struggle finding myself ever in the mood for either. Oh well…maybe someday.


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