Friday New Releases – January 25th

Now we are in to full swing in the new year.  The albums are starting to come out and today we have a long list of releases. There will hopefully be something for everyone.  There are bunch I am interested in, but might not necessarily buy right now.  They will be streamed to start with and I will pick up the ones I like the best.  My choices are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you like or are interested in.  Thanks and have a great musical weekend.

  • 41XHjCPQ-aL._AC_US436_QL65_  Starbreaker – Dysphoria – (Frontiers Records):  Tony Harnell and Magnus Karlsson team up again with the band’s third album and first in over 11 years…damn…way too long.  It is metal, it is hard rock and it is usually great.  Can’t wait to hear this one.

  • 61MGNjF1EfL._SS500  Rival Sons – Feral Roots – (Atlantic Records):  Rival Sons are one of those bands you just fall in love with immediately when you hear them. Now on their 6th studio album they just keep getting better.  They are straight up rock & roll with a heavy blues influence and worth a listen.  Give them a try.

  • 51hWrG7Kj0L._AC_UL115_  Kiss – Kissworld: The Best of Kiss – (Mercury Records):  Just what we need another greatest hits band.  Come on guys…give us some new music or at least put some rare versions of some big hits on here.  But being the sucker I am, this one is on order…or course it is the limited edition colored-vinyl that won’t be out until March 29th…but I can wait since it is just a greatest hits album.  Funny how I complain about a greatest hits album, but I am going to see them in concert and that is basically what I will hear.

  • 51oKLED98qL._SY300_QL70_.jpg  Michael Franti & Spearhead – Stay Human, Vol. 2 – (Boo Boo Wax):  This guys is really cool.  There is something about him I like.  It is his voice, his style, his sound…everything.  Check him out.

And the rest I want to hear…

  • 51byLbaHpeL._AC_US436_QL65_  Heart – Live in Atlantic City – (Rock Fuel LLC) 
  • 71OWm5SyaoL._SX522_  Backstreet Boys – DNA – (RCA Records):  Okay, make fun of me, go ahead…I am just curious about this one so sue me.
  • 71Jt919jryL._AC_UL115_  Quiet Riot – One Night in Milan (Live) – (Frontiers Records): Another one I am curious about.  I hated the last album, but maybe they work better live.
  • 81bdpmthhll._sx522_  Santana – In Search of Mona Lisa E.P. – (Concord Music):  Duh!!!

And then all the rest…

  • 61vvzgfhhcl._ac_ul115_  Various Artists – Grammy Nominations 2019 – (Republic Records)
  • 619MXXZGouL._SS500  The Dandy Warhols – Why You So Crazy – (Dine Alone Music)
  • 51ViDAtEhDL._SS500  Bring Me The Horizon – amo – (Sony Music)
  • 51yLiU-Tq8L._SS500  King Diamond – Songs for the Dead: Live at the Fillmore in Philadelphia – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 41TO+VISQgL._AC_US436_QL65_  Steve Hackett – At the Edge of Light – (Inside Out Music)
  • A1afQQXabDL._SX522_  The Neal Morse Band – The Great Adventure – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 51-et+GJmLL._AC_US436_QL65_  Inglorious – Ride to Nowhere – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71LlIGkFFcL._SX679_.jpg  Kane Roberts – The New Normal – (Frontiers Records)
  • 81Md28ACb-L._SX522_  Vangelis – Noturne (The Piano Album) – (Decca Records)
  • 81KSx0wk7JL._SX522_  Jetboy – Born to Fly – (Frontiers Records)
  • 719xjf7ipxl._ac_ul115_  Evergrey – The Atlantic – (AFM Records)
  • download-10  Bethel Music – Victory: Live – (Bethel Music)
  • 71xWnLPluLL._SX522_.jpg  Meghan Trainor – Treat Myself – (Epic Records)

30 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – January 25th

    1. The Rival Sons one is fan”freaking”tastic. I listened to it on the way to work. Too early for album of the year??? Well, it is album of the year…so far!! I hated the last QR album, but I will check this out to see if any better.

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          1. I kinda dig the production..Like a bootleg…I hear what your saying but give it a once through…Durbins vocals are pretty decent…sure at times the falsetto thing is silly but the dude is working the crowd…

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                  1. No you will get frostbite! Even our two dogs Izzy and Fender go out do there business and back in. Tough for them as they are in the house constantly so we cannot even get them outside at all as its way too cold….
                    So cold you can hear the House cracking a bit…
                    About 3 years ago around New Years it went to -50 which was unbelievable..
                    This winter we have seen about 80cm’s of snow as well…Too cold to snow and when it does warm up (-20 or so) it snows…
                    Can’t win this year! hahah

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                    1. Ummm not cleaning up dog doo inside unless its an accident of course. Both Dogs are very good at going to the back door and letting us know they need out ASAP!

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  1. I was hoping Kissworld would be the final chapter of my Kiss rereview series in 2018. Well that didn’t turn out. My copy is still sealed waiting for the last chapter! Sealed for almost a year!


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  2. I remember seeing Blink 182 interviewed (likely in the late 90s) saying it would actually be more ‘punk’ to say you liked the Backstreet Boys than to diss them.
    I certainly enjoyed when there was a Backstreet Boys moment on Brooklyn 99 last year!

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