Friday New Releases – March 22nd

After last week, we need a bunch of new releases and this week you get just that.  This week is also heavy on the rock side which suits me fine.  A whole lot to choose from here.  Hopefully you will find something you like. I know I have quite a few I am interested and one that is on pre-order and can’t wait to dive into and re-explore.  All my choices are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you are looking forward to hearing and if I missed anything.  Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  • 819unabimsl._ss500_  Harem Scarem – The Ultimate Collection Box Set – (Frontiers Records):  A 14 CD set spanning the entire Harem Scarem Career.  This is massive and I can’t wait.  I haven’t gone through their albums one by one in a long, long time…to long in fact.  This will be fun and should keep me busy for quite some time.  What’s your favorite album?

  • 91S5DWfazkL._SX522_  Motley Crue – The Dirt Soundtrack – (Eleven Seven Music):  The Crue is back with a Netflix Biopic and a soundtrack to boot.  The soundtrack has four new songs (sort of) and is a greatest hits collection.  It doesn’t look as sweet as the Queen movie soundtrack (now that is how you do it).  Let’s hope the songs are better than the movie looks.  So far, not overly impress with The Dirt song that was released and there is a cover of Like a Virgin by Madonna…that ain’t helping things look any better.  We will see…

  • download-11  Megadeth – Warheads on the Foreheads: Greatest Hits – (Universal):  Yes, it is another greatest hits collection, but this one looks pretty sweet.  I have been rejuvenated with Megadeth with their last album Dystopia which was sensational (and won a Grammy).

And then we have these that I am somewhat interested in and will give a spin when I can find down time from Harem Scarem…

  • 517holosyjl._ac_us436_ql65_  The End: machine – The End: machine – (Frontiers Records)
  • 81u7lxlvv+l._sx522_  Burning Rain – Face the Music – (Frontiers Records)
  • 810MCMe-eHL._SS500_  Red Sun Rising  – Peel E.P. – (Razor & Tie Recordings)
  • 81xGdjGovLL._SS500_  Mack Brock – Covered E.P. – (Sparrow Records)
  • 51OFZd2LyUL._AC_UL115_  TNT – Encore: Love in Milan – (Frontiers Records)

And then the rest…

  • 61h-2987xlL._AC_UL115_  Van Morrison – The Healing Game – (Legacy Recordings)
  • 71Duaz15FwL._AC_UL115_.jpg  The Rippingtons – Open Road (feat. Russ Freeman) – (Peak Records)
  • 81gPej+pdoL._SX522_  Adam Sandler – 100% Fresh – (Warner Bros)
  • 41t7rhHrxzL._AC_US320_QL65_  Andrew Bird – My Finest Work – (Wegawam Music)
  • 31nHBsy6ZXL._AC_US320_QL65_.jpg  Zeal & Ardon – Live in London – (Manuel Gagneuz)
  • 71s4eHxjVFL._AC_UL115_  Robin Trower – Coming Closer to the Day – (Provogue)
  • 51WGkM2zzxL._AC_US320_QL65_  Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 51jAe4KqPgL._AC_US436_QL65_  Steven Curtis Chapman – Deeper Roots: Where The Bluegrass Grows – (SCSEE)
  • 51o2ythfr2l._ac_us320_ql65_  Bad Suns – Mystic Truth – (Epitath)
  • 81vvpo7icil._sx522_  Jenny Lewis – On the Line – (Warner Bros)

10 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – March 22nd

  1. It’s Jenny Lewis’ album that interests me most this week. Listening to it just now, actually. Very good. The other that has my attention is Orville Peck’s Pony, but I’m on the fence with that one right now. I’ll see where I fall after another listen or two.

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  2. I preordered The Dirt soundtrack as I dig the running order of the songs. Plus I was interested in the new songs. I like The Dirt tune. Musically its decent and its good to hear Mars let it rip. Like a Virgin as well musically it’s cool. Vocally ummm weird…leave the rest to my review of it…
    Thats a ton of Harem. Love the Mood Swings album as well at the live one they put out a few years back..
    Enjoy some fin Can Con dude!
    As for Megadeth dunno…I always go back and listen to that 20th Anniversary Deluxe of Countdown to Extinction when the mood hits…I really like that one …

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    1. Believe it or not, I did not order Dirt. I am still iffy on the new tracks and not sure I can get past them covering Madonna. I will have to hear the other two songs to decide.

      I can’t wait for Harem. It has been awhile since I have dived into their catalog. Might have a Worst to First to start working on.

      Ever since Dystopia, I have been digging these guys again. That album kicked some major ass.

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      1. hahaha..yeah the virgin tune…I hear ya loud n clear on that one.!
        Glad you got your box set today…thats cool man you have easily have become an honorary Canuck John! Easy Peasy!

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