Friday New Releases – May 24th

Happy Friday.  It is a nice long weekend here in the States with Memorial Day coming on Monday and we get that extra day off to spend with family and remember those who have died serving and fighting for our country.  It is also the unofficial start of Summer break (although the kids still have two more weeks of school.  All I know is I get an extra day to listen to some music.  Not much out this week, but there are a couple I am eager to hear.  They are highlighted in Blue. Let me know what you want and if I missed anything. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  • 714mlGfPWtL._SS500_  SOTO – Origami – (InsideOut Music):  Jeff Scott Soto returns with one of his many bands.  This band is on their third album and the first two were heavy, solid rock band and almost metal.  It isn’t a solo album, it is a band.  These guys kick some major ass.  I have held off from listening to anything like I do on albums I want to hear as I like to take it all in at once.  It makes for a better listening experience.

  • 818qjjRsApL._SX522_  Stray Cats – 40 – (Surfdog):  The Stray Cats are Back!!!  And it is about time.  It has been well over 25 years since their last album and I couldn’t be more excited. I love that Rockabilly sound and we need a little of that now to shake things up as the music scene has gotten a little stale.  Welcome back boys!!!

And that is it for me.  Here are the rest…I wonder if Morrissey will cancel the release like he does all his concerts??? Hmmm….

  • B1ep0f1OW4S._SS500_  Morrissey – California Son – (BMG)
  • 817+fUEUR5L._SX522_  Sting – My Songs – (A&M Records)
  • 81CjpJE-F9L._SS500_  Rocketman Soundtrack – (Virgin EMI)
  • 71mI5xGB3ML._SX522_  Aladdin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – (Walt Disney Records)
  • 81St3vGlHFL._SS500_.jpg  Eric Church – 61 Days in Church, Volume 5 – (EMI Records)

28 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – May 24th

  1. Soto seems interesting but hopefully the guitarist does not fill the album with those annoying squealies. If so, I will not be buying it.
    Strays Cats perhaps. Sting and Rocket Man maybe.
    Black Mountain is on it’s way. I will search out Earth today.
    Others out that I will look into are Diamond Head and Tanith.

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  2. No Black Mountain arrivals in my mail box today.
    It realllllllly bugs me that pre-ordered albums arrive late. I might as well just buy them in the record store. They have my cash for 3 months and it can’t arrive on release day.
    Now granted it is a special edition and I may have asked the band to sign it(so long ago I forget), but still.
    My opinion. If shipping takes 3 days, send it out a week before release. All record companies and bands should pledge to give the biggest fans that pre-order a bonus of early arrival.

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      1. I quickly glanced through the Kings X book John.
        It looks really well done. Each Chapter has them talking about each album/each song/ touring cycle/the issues that they faced along with what the peers were saying about them!
        Going to be a great read me thinks! haha

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