Friday New Releases – June 28th

We are halfway through the year now, can you believe it?  I have to say, I haven’t been blown away by the first 6 months of releases, heres hoping to a better second half.  In this final week of June there are a handful of releases I am looking forward to and they are highlighted in Blue.  Hopefully there is something in the list that will connect with you and if there is, let me know which one. Also, let me know if I missed anything as it helps our readers find new music.  Thanks and have a great weekend!!

Oh yeah…I have a public service announcement at the bottom of the list, please give it a read! It will help us all!!

  • 812r4wN9wHL._SS500_  The Alarm – Sigma – (Twenty First Century Recording Co):  Mike Peters returned in 2018 with the album Equal and it was fantastic.  I can’t wait to hear this new one and as with all albums I am excited about, I haven’t heard a song until I take it all in at once.  So glad he is back and in such a prolific way!!

  • 71xVIBkD4DL._SX522_  Generation Axe – The Guitars That Destroyed the World (Live in China) – (earMusic):  A live album of Guitar Heroes…yes sign me up!! Oh, and a live album on top of that…YES PLEASE!!!  You get Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt, Yngwie Malmsteen and Tosin Abasi.  Is there anything else that needs to be said…I didn’t think so.

  • 81a2AKtWBTL._SX522_.jpg  The Black Keys – “Let’s Rock” – (Nonesuch Records):  The Black Keys are back after 5 years since their last album. It is about time guys!!  You can never get enough of their sound and I guess that sound is garage rock with blues rock mixed in all spun around with that indie feel to it.  Whatever it is, it works.

 And the rest…hopefully there is something for you!

  • 91MO6lBzkiL._SS500_.jpg  Doobie Brothers – Live From the Beacon Theatre – (Rhino Records)
  • 81In8IIx6yL._SX522_ Gov’t Mule – Bring on the Music: Live at the Capitol Theatre, Vol 1. – (Mascot Label Group)
  • 71N6GYTYIgL._SS500_  Foy Vance – From Muscle Shoals – (Gingerbread Man Records)
  • 91XNpprH2yL._AC_UL115_.jpg  Ingrid Michaelson – Stranger Songs – (Cabin 24 Records)
  • 81vK2xjTxBL._SS500_.jpg  Kylie Minogue – Step Back in Time: The Definitive Collection – (BMG)
  • 91wRySSRpKL._SX522_.jpg  Chick Corea – The Spanish Heart Band – (Concord Jazz)



  • 81adCZ1WvmL._SX522_.jpg  Chris Brown – Indigo – (RCA):  Whatever you do…DO NOT BUY this ass-wipe’s album.  Why people still support this fucking, low-life, woman hater is beyond me.  How does he still have a career??  If you buy this YOU support hitting women and YOU support his violent behavior and YOU are part of the problem!!!

25 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – June 28th

  1. I didn’t know there was a new Black Keys album. I’ll check that out, though I’m with our pal there in thinking the last one was pants. Big pants.

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  2. I can’t believe Chris Brown is still breathing, let alone able to release albums.
    I also can’t believe he has over 43 million likes on Facebook. Wtf???
    I also can not believe I have even mentioned his name.

    A few I will check out here, and also mention new albums by a local band Hawkeyes, and an Australian band Beastwars.

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      1. It baffles my mind that amazing musicians slug it out on stage barely making enough money for gas(see 99.9% of metal, punk and blues musicians), and autotuned losers that have no talent have 50 mil in the bank.
        Ok. Old man rant over.

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        1. Agreed. The music business is so screwed up and has lost its way. The crap that passes as music is sad. What happened to having to have talent. It is all looks and a hot single. No development of any careers anymore. If the first album tanks…bye, see ya. A lot of great artist and bands got better over time and they were allowed to find themselves as artists. Not anymore. Ok, my old man rant is over.


  3. My boss went to see the Planet Axe tour and said they were amazing. I agree with the comments about autotune losers. Rap is not music – sorry. It’s not singing, and it’s not even moderately entertaining. I need lyrics I can sing along with or an awesome guitar riff, bass-line or drumbeat. I hate the songs where there’s a melody and fairly pleasant vocals, and then out of the blue some joker starts rapping. It’s jarring, and it spoils the whole song. Ok. Old lady rant over.


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