October Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

I realized I have been making a lot of purchases and yet not everything makes its way on to the site.  I figured I would do a wrap up each month of all my purchasing I have made even if they made it on the site during the month or even might make it on to the site down the road.

And this month started out with a bang!  A brand new record store opened up in Charlotte, NC called Noble Records.  They opened on October 5th which was a Saturday and because of that I got their bright and early.  Not grand opening 10am early, but I got there before 11am.  I had to take my daughter to her tutoring class at 10 and family comes first…then vinyl…sorry then God, then vinyl!!  Okay, maybe more order is skewed, but you get it.

I found two album I have been wanting and I had to grab them as I don’t seem them that often and one was a first pressing (not the RAGE album).

Rage Against the Machine ‘Renegades’ and The Allman Brothers Band at Fillmore East (1st pressing pink label)

I then found two more albums one I for some reason didn’t have in my collection as it is one of the most popular albums of the 70’s and the other is a 12″ Single from Stryper just in time for Christmas.

Meat Loaf ‘Bat of out Hell’ and Styper’s single “Reason for the Season”

I am thrilled Noble Record is now open, but it could be a bad thing as now I have a record store about 25 minutes away which is probably the closest to me.  I think a monthly visit is well worth it, don’t you think?

Next up is one I had forgotten I had ordered back in July. It kept getting delayed, but the price was great so I kept approving the delay.  It is the latest album by Shinedown called “Attention Attention’.


One night I was on Facebook and there was an Ace Frehley post for a limited edition yellow vinyl of the 10th Anniversary Edition of Anomaly and it was the Deluxe Edition at that…sold!!!


Then we get to around to another Friday and another day of new releases and what do I get?  Down ‘N Outz.  Who you ask?  Down ‘N Outz is a side project by Def Leppard lead singer, Joe Elliott.  It is a band that celebrates their 70’s heroes and this time they give us an album of original songs done in that 70’s glam feel.


And then on the 12th of October there was a little record/CD show and I decided to stop by, but I had a plan. I wrote up a list of Holy Grail items and had to stick to it.  Amazingly, I did.  There was only one thing on the Grail list and it wasn’t that expensive, so I grabbed it.  The Kiss Box Set.  I can’t wait to write about this one over a 6 part series.


And the purchases continue.  On Friday, October 18th, the STP Super Deluxe Edition of the album ‘Purple’ was released and it loaded with fun stuff.  That gives me Core & Purple, can’t wait for the next box set.  I like this since it is a 3 CD set and the remastered album is also on vinyl.  Love me some vinyl.


And then on that Saturday, the 19th, my wife and I went to a new store that opened called 2nd And Charles.  They have a ton of used & new books, comics, movies, cds, vinyl, toys, you name they have it.  My wife wanted to look for some books so I tagged along since it is not often we can go out just the two of us. I was scouring the vinyl and CDs and found a Matt Nathanson E.P. I didn’t know about. It was called Left & Right Volume 2 which is a live set and I love Matt live.  This means there is a Volume 1 and now I am on the hunt for it.  The best thing is I got it for $2 and online it is at least $8 minimum plus shipping. I think I got a great deal!!!


Then on Thursday, October 24th, my Whitesnake Super Deluxe Edition of ‘Slip of the Tongue’ finally arrived from FYE.  Now, I originally ordered this from Amazon, but for some reason it never shipped and kept saying delayed, delayed, delayed.  I finally cancelled after complaining to Amazon Customer Service.  I did get a $5 off my next order and since I had a $5 gift card, I was happy to have $10 to my next purchase.  Now, the disc I ordered from FYE was actually $7 cheaper than what I had ordered on Amazon. So, I was having some good luck…until I cancelled my order from Amazon.  What I had forgotten was I downloaded the main album when release day it.  When I cancelled my order for the physical copy they charged me for the disc.  My $5 coupon and $5 gift card were immediately gone and it ended up costing my $4.  Now my purchase was not really cheaper!!  Damn it!!


Then on Friday, October 25th, I received the vinyl for Airbourne’s latest album called ‘Boneshaker’.  I have all of theirs on vinyl, so this one was a no-brainer.  I love the raw, AC/DC still dirty rock & roll.


And the very last thing I received this month was for a vinyl I pre-ordered back in July.  Matt Nathanson released a 6-song E.P. called ‘Postcards (from Chicago)’ and it was released digitally back in July.  The vinyl E.P. was only pre-ordered and at July 31st, they shut down pre-orders and then they sent off for the vinyl to be made.  3 months later…it is here.  I beautiful orange 10″ Vinyl with a signed postcard from Chicago…get it!!  The album is called ‘Postcards (from Chicago)’.  Wait, Chicago didn’t sign the postcard, Matt did.  I hope that wasn’t confusing (ha).  I crack myself up!!  You can read the original review at THIS LINK!


And that is all..Dang, not a bad month.  Sadly, I have nothing on order right now and I am not awaiting any packages.  I hope November brings me something, not sure what it will be.  I am hoping to grab a couple things at Record Store Day on Black Friday so we will see what happens.  Until next month…keep on buying!!



10 thoughts on “October Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. October was a killer month in music for you John!
    That Frehley cover is pretty cool along with the vinyl as well. Glad to see your W.S finally shipped which is great for you as I know it was driving you crazy haha.
    I look forward to some reviews coming out of this stack of stuff you acquired this month!
    Cheers To Ya,

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