Bob Ezrin – Producer Extraordinaire #5

We are finally on our 5th Producer in the “Producer Extraordinaire” series after a very long break.  This time we are focusing on Bob Ezrin as he has produced some very influential albums and albums that have impacted my life like all the producers in this series have.  The other producers have been as follows:

Bob_EzrinBob Ezrin hails from Toronto, Canada (and I think 2 of the other producers in this series hail from Canada) and has been producing for over 40 years.  He has spanned many genres, but it his rock productions that have become the most famous and most notable.  He is a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and has actually never won a Grammy award although he has been nominated once.  Let’s discuss his work…


Bob Ezrin has worked with Alice Cooper more times than I can count.  He might as well be considered a member of the band.  He pretty much did all the big albums in the 70’s and even a couple big ones in the 2000’s.  I believe it is a total of at least 13 albums (oh, I guess I can count).  Insane.  I guess he as much a part of their sound as anyone.

To be a part of such huge albums as “Welcome to My Nightmare”, “School’s Out”, “Billion Dollar Babies” and even Alice’s latest masterpiece, “Paranormal” goes to show the magic that Bob can pull out of an artist.  It also makes you wonder would Alice have been Alice without Bob behind the boards…probably, but who knows.


Bob’s work with Kiss was limited to 3 albums and 1 remixing of one of those albums, but they were crucial for the band…good or bad.  The work on ‘Detroyer’ took the band to a different level.  The band’s sound was more polished and the sound was a little different, but the band’s fame went in to the stratosphere and they got their first Top 40 single with “Beth”.

After Bob’s work with Pink Floyd on ‘The Wall’, Kiss brought him back to do ‘The Elder’ which was a concept album as well.  Well, it sucked and was a huge failure for the band (I actually like it a little more now).  He then came back and worked on the band’s heaviest album ‘Revenge’ in 1992 and in 2012 the re-released ‘Destroyer: Ressurected’ which was a remix of the original album.  All I have on vinyl still today.


One of the albums he might be most famous for is the concept album ‘The Wall’ which gave us songs like “Another Brick in the Wall”, “Hey You”, “Comfortably Numb” and “Mother”. An album that sold well over 20 million records.  It was this album that Kiss thought they should use Bob again for their concept album, although, not quite as successful.  He would go on to do two other albums and even play bass on their 2014 album ‘The Endless River’.


The 70’s:

The 70’s were huge for his success as most of the above’s biggest albums were in that decade.  There were a bunch more he did that are worth mentioning as well.

  • 81CoyOC0C8L._SL1500_  Lou Reeds – ‘Berlin’ (1973)  
  • 61GN7Hu4epL._SL1500_  Aerosmith – ‘Get Your Wings’ (1974)
  • tbtb.jpg  The Babys – ‘The Babys’ (1977)
  • 61PPeH6aWgL  Peter Gabriel – ‘Peter Gabriel (I)’ (1977)


The 80’s:

His work continued in the 80’s with some pop and the hair metal / hard rock.

  • 51s+rAwnK5L  Hanoi Rocks – ‘Two Steps from the Move’ (1984)
  • 51H2Yi-tMbL  Rod Stewart – ‘Every Beat of My Heart’ (1986)
  • 51nqUeIOcWL  Hurricane – ‘Over the Edge’ (1988)
  • 51pEoQk-xqL  Bonham – ‘The Disregard of Timekeeping’ (1989)

The 90’s:

The 90’s saw very little of  Bob in the producing world.  He had a few credits, but nothing very notable (at least to me).  The 90’s saw Bob branch out in to computer software games as well as starting an internet radio company which was later purchased by Clear Channel. He had become quite the entrepreneur during the 90’s

The 2000’s:

The 2000’s thankfully saw a return of Ezrin behind the boards.  His resume became quite diverse during this period going from Crossover Classical to Tenors to Rock and everywhere in between.  Here are some highlights:

Deep Purple:

He worked on a couple Deep Purple and one of which was very popular with the Deep Purple crowd.

  • 41XzxqE-aTL  Now What?! (2013)
  • A1gUzeZLuML._SL1500_  Infinite (2017)


  • 51clijc+9UL  Fuego (2014)
  • 511zG6WKkZL  Big Boat (2016)

And the rest during this period…

  • 81ZEo+YXLqL._SL1500_  2Cellos – ‘In2ition’ (2013)
  • 61k2K6FSaSL._SL1050_  Thirty Seconds to Mars – ’30 Seconds to Mars’ (2002)
  • 41XclLPNhHL   Army of Anyone – ‘Army of Anyone’ (2006)
  • 81eVz0d7vmL._SL1500_  Deftones – ‘Saturday Night Wrist’ (2006)

And lastly, he even returned with Alice Cooper on one of his side projects…

  • 61Z+5yaC4wL  Hollywood Vampires – ‘Hollywood Vampires’ (2015) – more with Alice

And that is all…not really.  The list isn’t all inclusive.  It is those albums I had familiarity with and cared about.  He worked with a lot more artist; however, these are the ones I like and think are his best (and worst…hello Elder).

I hope you enjoyed a brief insight into a producer that shaped my musical landscape like all in the series have.  Hopefully it won’t be so long before the next one.  Thanks for stopping by.

15 thoughts on “Bob Ezrin – Producer Extraordinaire #5

  1. I’ve really always admired and respected Bob Ezrin. I always had a secret dream if I ever had the opportunity to do a major label release he would be my choice to produce. He was the one responsible for changing the lyric from Edgy to 18 in the Alice Cooper track. Alice had all the lyrics written but he had the hook as Edgy instead of 18, can you imagine? That’s pure genius.

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