Friday New Releases – November 8th

Happy Friday and yes, the weekend is upon us!! Thankfully we have some new tuneage to get us through the weekend.  There are a lot of releases today and hopefully you will find something to make this weekend a rocking good time.  I have quite a few I am excited to hear, however, not running out to buy anything yet until I hear them first (Thank goodness for streaming as it saves me money sometimes).  My choices are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what interests you or even what I might have missed as it has been known to happen.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!!

  • 81VAZDOCfuL._SX522_.jpg  Work of Arts – Exhibit – (Frontiers Records):  Thanks to, I came across this band.  If you know the Jeff Scott Soto band W.E.T., the “W” is for Work of Art member Robert Sall who is in W.E.T.  This band is an awesome piece if melodic rock in the same vein as maybe Toto and Journey and other bands of that ilk.  Give it a try as I think you will like it.

  • 913SqUH3ftL._SX522_.jpg  Pretty Maids – Undress Your Madness – (Frontiers Records):  In what might be their 16th album (so many I have lost track), this hard rock band out of Denmark always deliver solid work and I am interested to hear what they have brought the table this time around.  They rarely disappoint.

  • 81bjt9J4NCL._SX522_  Otherwise – Defy – (Mascot Label Group):  The Patrick brothers are still together and the only original members of this Las Vegas hard rock band.  They have never broke any new ground, but it is still excellent rock and after a hard day at work, nothing better than crank it up for the ride home.  I am sure this will get some plays.

  • 710DkEMue2L._AC_UL115_.jpg  Quiet Riot – Hollywood Cowboy – (Frontiers Records):  Quiet Riot is kind of a mess lately.  Make an album, fire the singer, make an album, fire the lead singer (or they leave, doesn’t matter you get my point).  This time around though they didn’t go back in to re-record the album.  James Durbin is still on vocals although no longer in the band. Vocal duties are now in Jizzy Pearl’s hands (or voice).  And then on top of that, we have the tragic news of Frankie Banali battling Stage 4 cancer (I wish you all the best sir).  I am not really looking forward to this to be honest.  I am more interested in hearing what a train wreck it could be like the last one which sucked so bad, my dog had to run out and take shit!! And the video has James in it which is strange since he is gone and it is a bad lip sync job.  But I will give it a shot.

And these I might try…

  • 816uFqchZIL._SX522_.jpg  Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders – Get the Money – (RCA / Sony Music)
  • 81cgYUm1C6L._SS500_  The Script – Sunsets & Full Moons – (Sony Music)
  • 81Ws0AwD4IL._SX522_.jpg  Tyketto – Strength in Numbers Live – (Frontiers Records)

And the rest…

  • A1lUTcET2iL._SS500_.jpg  Slayer – The Repentless Killogy (Live at the Forum in Inglewood, California) – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 91HGvUd-wuL._SX522_  Lionheart – Valley of Death – (Cocrete Music) (NOTE: Digital on 11/15)
  • 91WSDlxSesL._SX522_  Hawthorne Heights – Lost Frequencies – (Pure Noise Records)
  • A1i9xllLpHL._SX522_  Agnostic Front – Get Loud! – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 81cVGTM53+L._AC_UL115_  The Dark Element – Songs the Night Sings – (Frontiers Records)
  • 71atIqexMUL._AC_UL115_.jpg  The Rolling Stones – Bridges to Buenos Aires – (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
  • 268x0w.jpg  Radio Company – Vol. 1 – (Two Chair Entertainment)
  • 71txiTI6uSL._SS500_.jpg  Bishop Briggs – Champion – (Island Records)
  • 71Qnx-pY-hL._SX522_.jpg  Leslie Odom Jr. – Mr. – (S-Curve Records)
  • 61--oNwdLmL._SS500_  Il Volo – 10 Years: The Best of – (Sony Music)
  • 81aqBAHl2sL._SX522_  Luke Combs – What You See is What You Get – (River House Artists/Sony)
  • 91HwtWy4DmL._SX522_.jpg  Simply Red – Blue Eyed Soul – (BMG)

22 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – November 8th

  1. I’m still digging into R.E.M from last week John. Not too much here but I have fallen way behind in the Stones pumping out retro live albums! The last one I got was the Voodoo Lounge live one from a year ago.

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      1. R.E.M is a mixed bag love some stuff more than others. Green/Automatic and Monster are my favs especailly Monster. So with 64 Monster tracks to get through I’m good for a while John!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to admit, I went in to that album with a very closed mind and the first few songs lived up to my expectations of pure suckiness with production and James’s vocals. Then around song 5, something changed and I found myself enjoying it. I still have a few songs to go though, but it is more palatable for me than the last one.


  2. Not a great deal that interests me, but I hit up the Taylor Hawkins album. I much prefer his stuff to Foo Fighters and it doesn’t disappoint. Some classic rock, wee bit of glam, and some Joe Walsh vibes (literally). Very good.

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